Herbalife Nutrition Ranked #1 Brand in Weight Management and Wellbeing by Euromonitor

Written By Jon Holt
July 28, 2021

Herbalife Nutrition Ranked #1 Brand in Weight Management and Wellbeing by Euromonitor

Euromonitor International, an independent market research firm based in London, UK, has recently ranked Herbalife Nutrition as the world’s #1 brand in weight management and wellbeing. This ranking joins several awards and recognitions received by Herbalife for its outstanding product quality, manufacturing processes, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

How did Herbalife Nutrition become the #1 brand in the industry?  Since its inception in 1980 as a small business venture, Herbalife has been committed to changing people’s nutrition habits around the globe. The product lineup includes protein shakes, meal replacement drinks, hydration products, multivitamins, lean muscle builders, and more.

In 2020, Herbalife secured $5.5 billion in annual revenue and sold over 5 million protein shakes over the year.  The 2021 first-quarter sales were up 18.9% from last year, forecasting another record-breaking year in revenue for Herbalife.

John Agwunobi is the chairman and CEO of Herbalife Nutrition. He has attributed the #1 ranking by Euromonitor International to the “unwavering pursuit to manufacture the best tasting, highest quality products” by Herbalife.

Every product developed by Herbalife goes through extensive scientific research to deliver optimum product efficacy and safety. The ingredients used in Herbalife products are obtained from pure, reliable, and authentic sources. The manufacturing processes are streamlined for outstanding efficiency and quality.

The Seed to Feed Program

Using the highest quality ingredients is essential for developing outstanding products. Seed to Feed is a program designed to ensure the purity, safety, quality, and consistency of the ingredients used in Herbalife products.

Over 40 years of product excellence has allowed Herbalife to develop customer trust. Herbalife can meet compliance regulations and government rules for over 90 countries through continuous monitoring and strict quality control technologies. The American Herbal Products Association awarded an industry leadership award to Herbalife for its longstanding commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products.

Weight Management: Science-Backed Products

Herbalife employs a distinguished scientific team dedicated to formulating the best combination of ingredients for optimum effectiveness and safety of the products. As Herbalife Nutrition products are used by professional athletes, the products are certified to comply with sports anti-doping policies and regulations.

As part of being a scientific leader in the industry, Herbalife recently announced that more than 300 scientists from Herbalife would be taking part in several industry events in 2021 to share their knowledge and expertise with other professionals from the global food and nutrition industry.

Support for the Needy

Record-breaking sales, awards, and recognition are highly appreciated by Herbalife. Still, as the global industry leader, Herbalife is on a mission to make a large and far-reaching impact on global nutrition standards.

This includes supporting billions of people from under-served communities that suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and food insecurity. Herbalife has launched several campaigns to play its part in fighting these global issues.

One of the campaigns, named Nutrition for Zero Hunger, donated over 1 million nutrition meals and 800,000 Herbalife products to the needy in 2019. The campaign also included nutrition education to help make a long-term impact on the beneficiaries.

Who Is the #1 Nutrition Company?

With the impact of Herbalife Nutrition on the world’s nutrition industry and the company’s longevity in delivering outstanding products, it is not surprising that Herbalife Nutrition has been ranked as the #1 brand by Euromonitor.

As a top nutrition company, Herbalife ensures its distributors and employees can rely on a complete support network. Herbalife continues to improve and build its team’s skillset for sustained growth in the future, from training events to seminars.

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