Improving Your Body Language As A Business Manager

Written By Alla Levin
July 28, 2021

Improving Your Body Language As A Business Manager

When you are selling or holding presentations, what are you actually saying? Are the words coming out of your youth backed up by your body language and tone? Part and parcel of becoming a successful salesperson is how well others react to you and utilizing your best features to encourage trust and build a connected relationship.

If your actions and body betray the words coming out of your mouth, then chances are, no one will have much confidence in what you are saying, and your words will fall flat no matter how great you think your pitch is.

So how can you improve your technique and get both your mouth and your body in the same to improve how you communicate with others in the business?

Take Notes

Listen to the experts and get notes from those who have traded this path before you to find out what does and what doesn’t work. There are reasons why certain tactics work, and many people have years of their lives perfecting the art of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and taking heed of their advice can serve you well – this podcast can be a great place to start – Building Trust In Non Verbal Communication Jeff Baird Podcast Expert On Body Language.

Eye ContactBody Language

Making and maintaining eye contact can help you focus on the person you are talking to and initiate a response. When you make eye contact, smile and convey this with your eyes to help you look friendly and approachable. Maintain eye contact when talking, only breaking away for brief seconds to glance away and then focus back on your subject. This will help you to retain their interest a lot longer and build a better connection.

Keep Your Hands Under Control

Do you gesture a lot when you talk? How you use your hands and arms when you talk has a massive impact on those you are talking to. For example, lots of finger-pointing can make people feel as if they are being reprimanded and will paint you as someone who isn’t so friendly or approachable. Keeping your arms crossed and folded will also make you look unsure of yourself and create a barrier between you and those oy are trying to connect with.

Keep Your Emotion in Check

Some passion about what you are talking about or selling is good but remember, there is a fine line between passionate and over the top. Some people react badly to an almost caricature version of selling that seems like it was written for a made for tv movie and will instantly be put off. So reign in your enthusiasm and try to keep as even as possible not to dilute the message with emotion and keep things professional and clear-headed.

Be the First Person in the Room

The sight of someone rushing into a meeting last minute, all rushed and out of breath will set the scene for how things will go. If you start on the back foot, chances are you will be fighting to regain and retain control of how you need it for the duration of your presentation or speech. 

Aim to be the first of one of the first people in the room to greet everyone accordingly and acknowledge them as they enter. This can help you to put yourself and them at ease and create a welcoming environment.

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