Ensure Care for Elderly Parents at Home While Away

Written By Alla Levin
July 30, 2021
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Ensure Care for Your Elderly Parents at Home While Away

When you need to travel for work or personal reasons, finding a caretaker for your elderly parents can be stressful. In addition, you may not want them in an assisted living facility because they might not like the food, and there’s always that worry that they could get injured or sick, and nobody would know until too late. This blog post will share some tips on ensuring care for your elderly parents at home while away.

Get Professional Care Services

This is an excellent option for people living in areas with limited retirement communities or if you don’t want to worry about your elderly parents being alone while away.

Professional home care services can provide home health aides, companionship, and even meals when needed. They will also be able to keep an eye on any medical issues that might arise and connect you with the elder abuse lawyer.

Leave any notes a carer might need

If you’re not the one looking over your parents, then it’s essential to make sure that whoever is responsible has all the health information they need. Keeping a note pinned to the fridge or somewhere else that is visible that contains vital health info such as allergies, conditions, necessary medications, and even contact details or directions to emergency treatment like a cardiac surgeon can be vital. That way, whoever is responsible for them can take action in the most appropriate way should there be a health incident.

Remodel the House to Suit Their Needs

If your elderly parents have mobility issues due to age or illness, you can remodel the house so they’ll feel more comfortable. This could include the installation of a wheelchair ramp for easier access and installing grab bars in areas of high traffic. You may also want to change out their bathroom with a walk-in shower instead if they have difficulty getting into a standing shower.

Schedule Regular Visits

You may also want to schedule regular visits with your elderly parents while you’re away. This ensures they have contact and company during the days you are gone, as well as a check-in to make sure everything is okay.

Stay Connected

The most important thing to do is stay connected with your elderly parents while you’re away. This means that even if they are staying in their home, it’s a good idea to call them regularly, so they know you care and want to hear what is going on. They may have questions about things like bills or other life details, and it’s an excellent chance to catch up too.

Get Their Affairs in Order Before the Big Day Arrives!

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and then you’ll be stuck scrambling. The best way to ensure your elderly parents have care while you’re away is to get their affairs in order early enough to avoid any last-minute inconveniences. 

Go Shopping Before You Leave

It’s always a good idea to go shopping before you head out for your trip to stock up on essentials like food, drinks, and toilet paper! That way, there won’t be any extra stress while you’re away worrying about what will happen when the cupboards are empty.

Ensure Care for Elderly Parents: Get Their Medication

It’s also essential to get their medication before you leave. If they need a daily pill, for example, make sure that they have a bottle ready and taken care of so there are no worries about missing drugs. 

In conclusion, there are many steps you can take to ensure care for your elderly parents when they need it while away. Whether that is getting professional help, remodeling the house, or having an emergency plan in place, these tips will help keep them safe and secure during this time.

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