Unexpected Benefits of Having an Internal Whistle Blower Policy

Written By Alla Levin
July 30, 2021

Unexpected Benefits of Having an Internal Whistle Blower Policy

This blog post discusses the benefits of having an internal whistleblower policy in place at your business. An internal whistleblower policy is designed to ensure that employee concerns are heard and addressed by management, no matter how big or small they may be. Many companies follow in the lines of California Whistleblower Law, or whistleblower law wherever they are based, in order to keep their employees honest. This is important for some reasons, as discussed below.

Improved Communication Between Management and Staff

Having a whistleblower policy can help protect employees from being retaliated against if they raise complaints about their work environment or report safety concerns. This means that more people will feel comfortable discussing problems with management and improving the communication between those on different levels of an organization.

A company with this type of policy can also ensure that managers are working for the good of all staff, rather than just themselves, and improve their training methods, so there’s less chance of mistakes made by them.  

Fair Treatment of All Workers

Better Management TrainingHaving a whistleblower policy allows the company to be fairer in treating all of its employees. For example, suppose an employee is not feeling valued at work because they get less responsibility than other workers or thinks that there has been discrimination regarding promotions. 

In that case, they can reach out to Whistleblower Info Center for guidance or report these concerns anonymously through the tip line and have them addressed without fear of retaliation. In addition, having a whistleblower policy also protects those reporting issues from being fired as soon as something goes wrong on their shift instead of addressing any potential underlying problem first.

Better Management Training

This is a surprising benefit of having an internal whistleblower policy. Employees are often relieved to have someone they can contact when there’s something wrong that needs resolving in the workplace, but HR departments and management teams may not always see what employees need help with at all times. 

This means that managers will get more training on how best to manage their staff, so everyone feels safe coming forward if they’re feeling mistreated or unsafe for any reason. The training can also help managers avoid the possibility of any future issues with their staff. 

This way, they’re more likely to know how best to handle a situation if it arises and stop problems before they get worse or have an even more significant impact on employees’ morale. This not only improves management skills but will make for happier and more productive teams in general. 

In addition, employees are much less likely to want to quit when everything’s going well at work, so this is one thing that may improve retention rates as well, which saves you money over time because there’ll be fewer vacancies left open. 

Compensation for the VictimsIncreased Employee Productivity

One of the unexpected benefits of having an internal whistleblower policy is that it can help victims hurt by a company. This compensation comes in financial rewards, promotions, and even public apologies from those who caused pain to their coworkers. 

For example, when Wells Fargo was discovered for opening fraudulent accounts without customers’ knowledge, they granted approximately 180 million dollars in compensation to employees harmed by its actions and publicly apologized.

The large-scale payout may not be seen as beneficial at first because it’s money coming out of pocket, but this type of reward acknowledges the harm done by management and helps give closure where there might not otherwise exist any. Furthermore, this gesture shows accountability, which will encourage more people to speak up in the future.

Internal Whistle Blower Policy: Increased Employee Productivity

Internal whistleblowing policies can be beneficial for businesses in many ways. They have led to increased employee productivity across industries and companies because employees see that the company is willing to listen. Secondly, these policies boost morale as staff knows their bosses care about them enough to make an effort towards a fair work atmosphere where everyone gets treated equally. 

Thirdly, it has been found that internal whistleblowing increases customer satisfaction by over 20%. This means customers are happier with your service or quality of products because you’ve addressed any issues before taking action on them, which could decrease sales overall.

Finally, whistleblowers help maintain high levels of commitment from existing workers. Still, they also attract new ones when implementing such policies to show potential candidates how committed management is to solve problems internally, so there is no need to go elsewhere.

The benefits of having a whistleblower policy are numerous. Overall, these perks make it an absolute requirement to have such policies in place if you’re looking to grow your business beyond expectations.

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