Keeping Your Commercial Premises Clean and Tidy

Written By Alla Levin
August 07, 2021
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Keeping Commercial Premises Clean and Tidy

Running a business can be a lot of work. You focus on all sorts of things that will help to raise brand awareness and sell products. From product development to branding, marketing, and more, it can often feel like you have a never-ending to-do list to keep everything ticking over. Of course, when focusing on so many different areas, it can be easy to neglect the basics completely.

Cleaning is one of them. As soon as your business expands into a commercial space, you’re going to have to make sure that it is kept clean and tidy, but chances are, you won’t have the time available to do this yourself. Cleaning is also unlikely to fall into any of your staff’s job descriptions either. This is where outsourced or third-party cleaning companies can come into play.

Why Outsource?

Generally, the majority of businesses will outsource their cleaning. This is because cleaners may not be required on full-time contracts every day of the week. Instead, their services may only be required for an hour at the end of each working day and the occasional weekend. When you use third-party cleaners, you get the services you need without providing full-time contracts to permanent cleaning staff members.

Keeping commercial premises clean: areas to focus on

Of course, you may want your cleaning staff to focus on specific areas when attending to your workplace. Some ideas include:

  • Floors floors in office spaces quickly build up dirt due to the high footfall that passes through. Staff is unlikely to change into slippers when working. Instead, they keep their outdoor footwear on. This dirt can build up on floors and in carpets. So, consider professional carpet cleaning services or the use of floor buffers on hard or wooden flooring.
  • Windows every office should have a window cleaner to clean the exterior windows that can be hard to reach safely without the proper tools and equipment. You may also want to ask them to clean the windows’ interiors, as well as any other glass surfaces in your office.
  • Kitchensmost offices will have a staff kitchen where staff can eat their lunch, use coffee machines or make cups of tea. This, of course, can get messy very quickly. While we recommend investing in a dishwasher to prevent a buildup of washing up in the sink, you should also ensure that cleaners check in to wipe down surfaces and clean out fridges within this space.
  • Desks encourage all employees to keep their desks clean and clear. Provide waste bins and recycling bins for them to dispose of packets, waste paper, and anything else that may be cluttering their deskspace. Cleaners will then be able to access the desks to polish them down.

These are just a few suggestions that should help to make your office a clean and tidy space. Not only is this good for aesthetic reasons, but it can help create a more hygienic and productive workplace for your staff to operate from.

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