Ways To Motivate Remote Employees

Written By Alla Levin
August 11, 2021

Ways To Motivate Remote Employees

Do you struggle to keep your remote employees motivated? Unfortunately, this is a common issue that many employers are facing right now, with the novelty of WFH wearing off and many people feeling bored, isolated, and disconnected. So, what can you do about this?

The good news is that there are many ways to motivate and reenergize your remote staff that should hopefully lift their spirits, improve performance, and help them feel more connected to the business. Read on to discover some of the best strategies to try, and you should find that combining a few of these has powerful results.

Employee Swag

When people spend their time working from home, it can be straightforward to feel disconnected from the business, and this is something that every employer fears as it could lead to dips in performance and even staff turnover.

However, you can prevent this with employee swag, which can help staff feel connected once again; it shows that you value them and give them things they will find useful. A few employee swag ideas that could help to lift their spirits include branded grocery totes, phone chargers, exercise clothing, and water bottles, just as a few ideas.

Goals & IncentivesMotivate Remote Employees

Using goals and incentives is a tried and tested strategy for increasing motivation, and it can work well with remote workers. You should set individual and team goals in the short, medium, and long-term and then tracking these and celebrating when they are achieved. This should help to keep people engaged, motivated, and connected even when working remotely.

Use Team Building

Just because people are working remotely does not mean that they won’t benefit from team building, and you should find that it helps improve morale and performance. For example, you can host virtual team-building events and use informal video calls to unite your remote workers, create a stronger culture and allow staff to support one another (hugely important for helping staff to feel connected).

Motivate Remote Employees: Use Surveys

Surveys can be a fantastic way to identify what areas and remote work people are struggling with and what areas are working well. With all of this information, you can then find ways to make accurate improvements and help to improve the WFH experience for your staff.

Allow Flexibility

There are perks to remote work, but it is hard for employees to enjoy these if their employer does not offer flexibility. Allowing (and even encouraging) people to get out, enjoy the fresh air, and enjoy themselves during the working day can greatly impact people’s motivation levels. It allows them to enjoy a greater work-life balance while showing that you trust them to get the work done.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for motivating your staff when working remotely and allowing them to enjoy the benefits that WFH can bring. Many are becoming bored of remote work, but there are ways to keep people happy and motivated, with these being the best examples.

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