How to Keep Your Home’s Electrical Wirings Safe

Written By Alla Levin
August 18, 2021

How to Keep Home Electrical Wirings Safe

Almost all equipment and gadgets nowadays are powered by electricity. It has become a basic commodity in every house. Without electricity, the world around us stops. Commercial buildings and shops are run by electricity.

House Wiring System

Understanding how the electrical wiring system works to ensure your home’s safety. Electricity distribution in your home keeps electrical equipment run in a safe condition. Electrical power lines power your home from an underground connection or outdoor power lines. 

The two 120-volt service head wires and a neutral line are responsible for delivering electricity into your home. However, in the case where larger home appliances are used, a 240-volt service wire is used instead of the standard 120-volt.

An electric meter acts as the main passage for the electricity coming from the mail line. It measures the amount of electrical consumption. An electrical service panel distributes the electricity in your home. It controls the passage of electrical distribution like a railway station. 

Typically, a house uses medium voltage switchgear for the electrical service panel. Its capacity to hold surges of electricity is perfect to avoid circuit overload. Using durable medium voltage switchgear is important for safety.

If it can’t hold sudden electrical fluctuations, your electrical equipment is at risk of getting destroyed. Or worse, it might explode. Master Electrical service offers a useful guide to common electrical issues. You can visit company website for more information.

How to Keep Home Electrical Wirings Safe: Electrical Service Panel

The electrical service panel is responsible for the distribution of electricity in your homeIt serves as a bridge between the main power source and your electrical equipment and appliances. Your home electrical service panel uses medium voltage switchgear to regulate the flow of current. 

It protects your electrical equipment and appliances. By allowing only the standard flow of electricity, any power surge will be prevented. Medium voltage switchgear manufacturers ensure the safety of your home. They provide the best quality of switchgear to hold sudden power fluctuations. Choosing the best medium voltage switchgear manufacturer saves you from danger. 

Wire Placement

It’s not just enough to have the most durable electrical service panel. Proper wire placement contributes to home safety. From careful planning down to wire placement, always consider the best way that promotes safety.

Knowing DIY wire placement is easy to learn. Following the best instructions from professionals, you can make your own wiring at home. All you need is a sketch plan accredited by an inspector and a permit from the local building department. 

A robotic arm can be helpful in doing your house wiring project. It can manage the cutting and drilling of objects with the proper program. The robotic arm can also help in organizing the tools you need for your wiring job. 

It serves as a helping hand in placing objects beyond your reach. It can also help in holding objects and maintain stability while you do your thing. By doing so, you save yourself from the hassle of doing this delicate job while ensuring maximum accuracy. 

Electrical OutletsHow to Keep Home Electrical Wirings Safe

Electrical outlets are the most accessible sources of electricity in your home. This is where you plug in your electrical appliances. You should observe careful handling when plugging in your device. There are two types of outlets:

  • Polarized;
  • Grounded.

Polarized Outlets

Polarized outlets were first invented in 1920. Problems with electrical accidents happen because of inserting an outlet the wrong way. Introducing the use of two vertical slots that vary in size helps in plugging the wire the right way. The hot wire is smaller than the neutral wire. This aids in proper wire placement. Polarized outlets protect your home from electrical accidents by ensuring proper current flow. 

Grounded Outlets

In addition to the two vertical slots in a polarized outlet, grounded outlets feature an extra hole in the bottom. It serves as a conductor of any stray electricity that might damage an appliance.

How to Keep Home Electrical Wirings Safe: Extension Cords

Extension cords serve as an outlet for your convenience. It’s composed of multiple sockets on one end and a plug on the opposite side. Always look at the needed voltage of your equipment and the capacity of your extension cord.

In the US, a 20 A circuit is prohibited by the National Electrical Code (NEC) unless they have a diameter of 16 AWG or more. The standard domestic voltage of an extension cord must also be 120 V. Extension cords placed on the floor must have a protective covering. This helps prevent physical damage and accidents. However, carpets and rugs must not be used in covering the cords. This puts a great risk for a serious fire hazard. 


Keeping your home’s electrical wiring safe is a priority. Faulty electrical lines contribute a lot to home accidents. It places a high risk for electrical fires and being electrocuted. The importance of observing proper wire safety is a priority. 

It takes an expert to install your electrical house wiring system. However, you may choose to install them by knowing DIY instructions from professionals. Just make your sketch plan and have it approved by the local building department. A robotic arm is helpful in doing a job that requires extreme accuracy. All you have to do is input the needed program and have it finish the job.

Medium voltage switchgear manufacturers that use high-quality materials are the best choice for your electrical panel system. Using the standard grounded outlet is better than the polarized version because of its added safety feature. 

The third hole that acts as a ground helps in keeping your appliance from any stray current. An extension cord is convenient when using electrical equipment away from the main outlet. However, the longer it gets, the wider the diameter of the wire is needed to improve its resistance. 

It must have a protective covering when laid on the floor to prevent accidents and physical damage. Avoid using carpets and rugs because of the risk of fire hazards. Nevertheless, observing these tips to keep your house’s wiring system safe is important to prevent accidents.

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