What To Do Immediately Upon Purchasing Land

Written By Alla Levin
August 18, 2021
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What To Do Immediately Upon Purchasing Land

It may be that the chance to purchase land comes to you in one way or another. You don’t necessarily have to be absolutely loaded with money to make use of this opportunity, as circumstances can land favorably in your lap.

For instance, it might be that your semi-rural home has grazing fields for farm animals surrounding it. Perhaps the local farmer is selling off part of his land and wants to give first dibs on the auction bidding for the locals who live nearby, giving a chance for them to invest in that and make it part of their property.

It could be that you jump on this chance. Land, after all, is usually a pretty good investment depending on where it is and what it offers. In this post, we’ll discuss three steps you should take when your successful bidding goes through, and the ownership rights are signed over to you. In this way, you can inspect, curate, protect, and use your land as appropriate:

Have The Land Surveyed

Most land sales will require the land to be surveyed so that the auctioneers know precisely what they’re selling and if the ground is responsible for moving through their auction house. But that’s not always the case, and even then, it’s best to make sure you can trust this report by hiring your own professional.

A surveyor can tell you many things, such as the exact scope and dimensions of the land, what’s under it, what regulations you may need to follow, and how to mark your property borders. This can give you pinpoint accurate readings about the land you now own.

New York land surveyors can give you a lot of information, including what the land consists of, what regulations you need to follow, and how to mark your boundaries within that area if you live nearby.

Upon Purchasing Land: Clear The Land AppropriatelyUpon Purchasing Land

It’s healthy to make sure the land is cleared appropriately to realize your goals for the space more easily. Thankfully, land clearing services can do this for you, making sure that debris, garbage, and other materials are removed from the land and that it is easy and clear to reaccess one.

This can help you avoid any injuries by taking on this job yourself and without the necessary equipment. The land might be yours, but who knows how long it’s been since someone attended to it properly?

Secure & Mark The Land

It’s a good idea to mark out the exact property borders of the land and keep this space private now that it’s yours. This will involve integrating fences, ‘private land’ signs and making sure that certain measures, perhaps like placing a cattle grid in front, can help you avoid issues from those in the nearby vicinity using your land.

For instance, a signpost to the actual footpath can help people avoid using your land for convenience, something you’d rather not have to deal with. When your land is marked more readily, people will be more likely to accept that.

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