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The Main Characteristics of an HTI Rifle: One of The Best Long-range Hunting Rifles

Before you can choose the best weapon for hunting, you must make sure the firearm of your choosing has the right characteristics. Be sure you choose a firearm that is lightweight, agile, easy to use, accurate, and easy to reload while on the go!

What is an HTI rifle?

An HTI rifle, also known as the desert tech hard target interdiction rifle, is a type of bullpup sniper rifle that has been created by Desert Tech, a rifle manufacturer that is located in Utah and owned by the founders of the Latter-day Church of Christ religion.

  • Bullpup rifle – The desert tech hard target interdiction rifle is a type of bullpup rifle, which is a weapon that has the action mechanism placed behind the trigger instead of in front of the trigger as you would find in other rifles. The action is the mechanism on the rifle that helps with the loading of the weapon, adds munitions cartridges, and increases the ease of use of using rifles. The trigger on the bullpup rifle is the mechanism that makes the rule function properly and triggers the release of the bullet in the barrel of the gun. Other features of the bullpup that are important to note when discussing the desert tech hard target interdiction rifle are the compact shape, maneuverability, lighter weight, and increased accuracy;

Since the bullpup rifle is smaller but has the same length barrel as other rifles, it means that it is lighter weight and easy to use without sacrificing accuracy; since a barrel is what controls the accuracy of a weapon, the longer barrel means the owner of the bullpup rifle can still hit faraway targets. However, the maneuverability and lightweight means you can carry and use the rifle for longer periods without getting tired;

  • Bolt-action – the next characteristic of the HTI rifle is the bolt-action aspect. Bolt-action refers to a type of firearm that uses a bolt handle, a cocking handle device that pulls the hammer into the loaded position and allows the user to eject the bullets that are being held. The bolt handle is usually placed on the right of the weapon, with the bolt action sniper using a rotating bolt design that helps put a new cartridge into the barrel chamber and ejects the old cartridge out of the end of the gun;
  • Sniper – The third characteristic that you need to take into account before using an HTI rifle is the super portion of the weapon, which consists of all weapons that are long-range, accurate, and high-precision. The main characteristics of all sniper rifles, such as the HTI rifle, are accuracy, mobility, maneuverability, and the ability to conceal during use. You typically find special ops groups and military using sniper rifles for covert missions. The modern sniper rifle uses either bolt-action, like with the HTI rifle, or semi-automatic reloading action;
  • Scope – One of the most important characteristics that make an HTI rifle great for hunting is its scope. The sniper rifles are equipped with high-quality scopes that provide a clear and accurate image, making it much easier to hit targets at long distances. You may even upgrade the scope on an HTI rifle depending on your needs and preferences. Luckily, you can now find Trijicon scopes for sale, which are known for their exceptional quality and durability. The right scope can make all the difference in your hunting performance and success so be sure to take your time and choose the best one for your HTI rifle.
  • Anti-materiel rifle – The last characteristic that you need to know with the HTI rifle is the anti-materiel aspect which refers to all rifles that are specially made for military use against equipment instead of against other people.

Design of the HTI Rifle

If you are considering using the HTI rifle for hunting, you need to know the design of this rifle before purchasing it. The desert tech HTI rifle was first conceptualized and produced in 2012 and has been made ever since, with each unit typically costing around $6,400 on the market. The mass of the desert HTI rifle is either 8.93 kg, 9.18 kg, or 9.09 kg. The length of the HTI rifle is typically 44.4 inches or 45.37 inches depending on the specific type. The barrel length of the HTI rifle is always 737mm.

The design of the HTI rifle has been conceptualized and refers to the SRS-A1, a desert tech stealth recon scout bolt-action sniper rifle. There Have been many variants of the SRS weapon, which includes the SRS-A1, SRS-A2, SRS-A1 Covert, and SRS-A2 Covert. The features of the SRS-A1 that make it valuable and high-quality include the bullpup bolt-action design that helps maintain a compact shape, ergonomic pistol grip, and weight shifted to the rear of the rifle.

The weight of the rear to the rifle means the user can easily balance the weapon while in use and prevent kickback that can lead to inaccuracy. Due to the lease of the use of this type of rifle, the HTI rifle used this idea for its design.

Along with following the design of the SRS-A1, the HTI rifle is made of high-impact polymer to increase long-term durability and withstand tough use. Furthermore, it uses durable coatings but remains lightweight for easy carrying and consistent use over multiple hours. Along with a lighter weight, this type of rifle is also shorter and more accurate than other options currently on the market in military operations, showing the prowess and accuracy of the HTI rifle.

When you need to change the barrel of the HTI rifle, don’t worry – this can be done within one minute. You can quickly change out the chambers of the barrels in no time, switching between various chambers such as the .408 CheyTac, and the .416 Barrett.

If you are considering using the HTI rifle for hunting, this weapon will get the job done. Along with being widely touted on the market, the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment uses this as a sniper rifle, the Lithuanian Armed Forces uses the HTI rifle as a sniper rifle, and the Czech special forces use the HTI rifle for military protection.

Characteristics that make the HTI rifle good for hunting: Accuracy

One of the main reasons why the HTI rifle is good for hunting is due to accuracy. There is no point in getting a sniper rifle or a weapon if it is not accurate over long distances for hunting. If you need to hit targets that are far away or you enjoy practicing on long-distance targets, using an HTI rifle ensures that you can remain accurate while shooting over long ranges.

There is no point in getting a weapon that can reload fast or is lightweight if it is not accurate – accuracy is the most important factor when deciding what rifle or weapon to use for hunting. Since the HTI rifle is used for sniper rifles all across the world, you can rest assured this weapon is accurate, reliable, and works well for consistent use.


The next factor that makes the HTI rifle a good choice for hunting is the maneuverability and handling of the weapon. You don’t have to worry about having a tough time moving your weapon, keeping it concealed in tight spaces, or carrying it with you all day. Due to its smaller shape and compactness, you can rest assured that it can be stored in a bag, held easily, or switched between arms with ease.

One of the main benefits of the HTI rifle is its handling and agility. You need to be able to quickly get your weapon up from the ground or from one shoulder to your hands to be ready to use if you see an animal that you are hurting. By being able to quickly use your weapon, it increases the effectiveness of the HTI rifle.

Characteristics of an HTI Rifle: Shooting distance

The next benefit of using the HTI rifle is the ability to shoot long distances with this type of weapon. You don’t have to worry about the bullet not making it to your target or the trajectory being poor. With the HTI rifle, you can use the ammunition with confidence as you plan to hit long-range targets.

Follow-up shots

The next benefit of using the HTI rifle for hunting is the follow-up ability and the way that you can reload your shots. Since this type of rifle is a bullpup bolt-action rifle, it is easy to reload with a very short time frame to get your next shot off quickly. In addition, you can easily change cartridges or the barrels with no problem at all, making it easy for you to change the setup of your gun while you are out hunting for the day.

Durable materials

The next benefit of using the HTI rifle for your hunting season is the durable material of the weapon. You don’t have to worry about the material of your weapon getting scuffed, scraped, or damaged during tough use.

You can run, jump, and slide on the ground with your gun and you will find that none of it destroys the hard exterior of your weapon. When hunting in tough terrains, such as with branches, trees, and brushes, you need a durable weapon with a tough exterior material that will last multiple hunting seasons.

Characteristics of an HTI Rifle: Conclusion

If you’re deciding whether or not the HTI rifle is a good choice for hunting season, rest assured that this type of weapon is ideal for long-range shooting. With a sniper scope, bolt-action reloading, bullpup design, lightweight material, durable exterior coating, ease of follow-up shots, and agile handling, you can use this type of rifle in tight spaces and for long periods. You could also include the upper and lower receiver of the rifle. 80 Percent Arms has a large selection of 80 lowers for purchase online.

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