4 Creative Ways to Stay Busy While At Home

Written By Alla Levin
August 23, 2021

4 Creative Ways to Stay Busy While At Home

What’s the best way to stay busy while at home? There are many things you can do while staying in your own space. You don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re lazy because there are plenty of things that will help you keep your mind and hands occupied. Here are some ideas that might spark your creativity!


There is always the option of youtube tutorials that can help if you’re struggling with certain skills (like how to knit). Ideas on great craft options include knitting a scarf, quilting something beautiful and cozy to both look at and use in the winter months when it’s cold outside. You can even sew your own clothes!

It’s easy with any old sewing machine, or you can take it one step further by making them out of recycled materials like t-shirts from thrift stores (or even shirts that are too small for someone else).

Or you could consider making some felt food – some pieces could include soup, veggies, salad, and french fries. All made out of felt? How clever! The possibilities are endless. Felt is also great because if little fingers want to play with their toys, they won’t make such a mess on the floor since it sticks by itself.


Planting flowers in the garden is a great way to spend an afternoon outside. It’s also very therapeutic and ensures that you always have something beautiful to look at when you go out (even if it’s just for five minutes).

If your yard isn’t up for this endeavor, but you still want to grow some of your own food, then try hanging gardening pots on any railing or porch – they’re easy enough to make with old milk jugs! And don’t forget about adding a few living plants too; they make everything more lively! These ideas are perfect because there won’t be much time wasted on maintaining them once they’re grown.

Learn an instrument

There is an instrument out there for anyone and everyone. If you’re interested in guitar, drums, or piano, then all that’s left to do is find the right teacher! Experimenting with different ways of holding the guitar will create new sounds; it doesn’t have to be one note on each string like traditional guitars! Remember: creativity has no bounds!

Stay busy while at home: paint a masterpiece

Pick up a canvas from your local art store, and then go to town! If painting isn’t what you’re looking for, try drawing instead with pencils or markers. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it; no creativity is required (just some patience).

Drawing on old paper works just as well because there won’t be any clean-up needed afterward, like when using paints or marker pens. Heidi Schave is an excellent example of what one can accomplish when letting your creative juices flow!

This option also has more room for error without ruining anything permanent, which can be fun too! Draw in different styles by changing up the thickness of each line, overlapping them slightly here and there, so they don’t look so uniform. By utilizing any of the above ideas, you’ll have loads to do while at home and even make some exciting new decor for your home as well!

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