Questions to Ask a Springfield Car Accident Lawyer to Fight Your Case    

Written By Alla Levin
August 24, 2021
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Questions to Ask a Springfield Car Accident Lawyer to Fight Your Case

Springfield, a city in Missouri, reported 6123 car accidents in 2020. Of all accidents in 2020, 27 accidents were fatal, where one or more lives were lost. As per Traffic Services Statistics, there were around 236 alcohol and drug-related car accident cases in 2019. Most of these accidents occur without any warning. If you are injured in a car accident, you may have several questions in your mind but don’t know who to ask.

A car accident lawyer can answer all questions related to recovering damages after a car accident. Hence, you need to contact an attorney and ask a series of questions to determine whether the person is suitable for the job.

Should You Pursue the Case?

The primary purpose of pursuing a car accident case is to get adequate compensation for damages and injuries. However, some accident cases don’t offer a chance for compensation. The Springfield car accident lawyer will study the merits of your case and give you the right advice.

The lawyer will tell you what compensation you can expect from insurance companies. He will review your case and then decide whether you can benefit by pursuing the case.

What Is Your Area of Legal Specialty?

There are different personal injury cases, workplace accident/injuries cases, traffic violation-related cases, and many more. When you hire a lawyer, you would want someone who specializes in car accident cases. Missouri is a fault state for accident claims which means the driver responsible for the car accident is liable to pay for the damages and compensation to the injured.

Missouri’s “pure comparative fault” system allows the court to hold multiple parties at fault, and the degree of liability determines how the claims are settled. Hence you need an experienced Springfield car accident lawyer who knows all car accident claims laws.

How Many Car Accident Cases Have You Taken in the Past?

As per 2020 traffic statistics data, the city registered 27 fatal accidents in 2020, a slight increase compared to 2019. You need to find out how much experience the lawyer has in fighting car accident claims in court.

Some lawyers take car accident cases part-time when they have less work in the specialty field. Such a lawyer might not be the best person to handle your car accident case.

Who Will Be Working on Your Case?

Many lawyers are part of large legal firms. While you may discuss the case with an experienced car accident lawyer, your case could be prepared and handled mainly by his junior attorneys. Though the junior attorneys are well-qualified and experienced, it is always good to know up front who will represent you in the court.

Ask Springfield Car Accident Lawyer: What Are Your Charges?

Legal fees are an essential factor when filing a car accident case or personal injury claim. If you lose the case, the lawyer fees will seem like a burden to you. Many car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis which means you pay only if you win.

The lawyers charge a percentage of the compensation you receive. Most lawyers take 30% of the total compensation amount as contingency fees. It is always good to ask about the lawyer fees before asking him to fight your case. To sum up, these are a few questions you need to ask a car accident attorney when asking him to fight your case.

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