Why Choose a Brass Ganesha Statue for Your Home?    

Written By Alla Levin
September 01, 2021

Why Choose a Brass Ganesha Statue for Your Home?

Lord Ganesh is among the most revered and influential Gods in Hinduism. Praying to the elephant-headed God before you start anything new is believed to bring happiness and success.

Ganesha is worshipped in all forms of artifacts like paintings, idols, statues, and others. But, a brass Ganesh statue is often seen in many Hindu households.

Here are a few things that might give you an idea as to why you should choose a brass statue for your home.

Brass is an Ideal Choice for Making a Statue

Brass is an alloy comprising copper and zinc. It is extensively used for making statues of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. A brass Ganesh statue will beautify the space and give an aesthetic look to your house.

Brass has Antibacterial Properties

Brass usually provides a poor breeding ground for bacteria. The antibacterial quality makes it the most preferred choice for decorative items and applications.

Rust and corrosion speed up the wear and tear process of metal. Brass doesn’t get rusted. It also is highly resistant to corrosion. Hence, a brass statue of the God Ganesha is commonly seen in many home lawns and gardens.

Believed to Bring Prosperity

If you keep a brass Ganesh statue in your home and worship it daily, it will surely bring immense joy and prosperity. According to Hindu beliefs, worshiping a brass idol in your house can ward off evil spirits and negative energy from your surroundings. The idol can help to usher in positive energy in every corner of your home.

Most Hindu households have a brass Ganesh statue in a sitting position. The idol in this posture is believed to give a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Brass is an Unbreakable Alloy

Glass, ceramic, wood, and other idols are prone to damage and are easily breakable. Keeping a broken idol in your house is believed to bring bad luck. It is also considered inauspicious.

But, a brass Ganesh statue is an ideal choice to avoid this. Brass is a versatile metal alloy, resistant to high temperature and fire. It is unbreakable and durable.

Because of its malleable nature, this metal can be easily molded. The flexible nature makes it the best option for making idols.

Brass Idols are Easy to Clean

Cleaning and maintaining the look of brass idols is easy. You can clean a brass statue in your home using natural ingredients like lemon and baking soda. You may also polish the idol to regain its shine and color.

Choose a Brass Ganesha Statue: Easily Portable

A brass Ganesh statue is an elegant and appealing décor item that is easily portable from one place to another. Brass is not prone to damage easily. Hence, it is an ideal choice for statues and artifacts when you have to shift houses frequently.

Idol worship is an indispensable part of Hinduism. Looking at the serene face of a Ganesh statue in your home after a long tiring day at work gives a sense of contentment. Bring a brass idol to your home for positive vibes.

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