6 Reasons Why Students of 2030 Will Still Have to Submit Essays

Written By Alla Levin
September 14, 2021

6 Reasons Why Students of 2030 Will Still Have to Submit Essays

At the beginning of 2020, we couldn’t think that the COVID-19 pandemic would sweep the whole world and our regular lives would change overnight. What’s more important, each of us realized that education had to keep up no matter what was going on in the world. 

Educational institutions had to master and adapt to new teaching technologies and methods as quickly as possible. All of us felt as if we were temporarily taken off into the test mode of the future.

In fact, the future is closer than we think. Something has already changed drastically, and many more things are expected to change because of rapidly evolving technologies. However, some things will remain in force. Namely, essays are expected to be submitted by students. 

Why will all students still need to know how to write essays? Many students consider them as just another boring and time-consuming task from their course. Most often, they just google a phrase like “write essay for me by EssayHub.com” and there’s an end to it. Others mainly try to elude from writing essays by all means. 

However, being able to write cohesive essays offers many benefits that will help students in learning. So, let’s explore why writing essays for students will be significant even in 2030 and how these written assignments help students.

Teach to Think

By pondering on paper, one stimulates the process of thinking. Very often, we find it difficult to say something out loud or formulate a thought. 

Writing or typing helps us to concentrate: by arranging all the ideas that cross one’s mind, one becomes able to focus on the main idea and somehow formulate the essence. Oral communication also develops our brains. Yet, a discussion is easy to forget about, while an idea written down on paper will stay there forever.

Teach to Group and Structure Information

Essays develop skills of analysis and summarizing. They help to see not only separate parts but also the things as a whole. Without this skill, one cannot become an executive, a successful businessman, or simply build a successful career. 

In addition, when you write texts, you try to follow a certain order: either according to a previously created plan or intuitively. In this way, writing teaches you to structure any information.

The ability to see the whole picture in any situation is best developed when you work with a lot of information and identify main points by writing them down on paper. The latter is also helpful when there is a lot of information and thoughts and ideas are scattered. When you write everything down on paper, you automatically highlight the most important things. 

That is why writing is one of the most effective ways to develop your analytical abilities.

Improve Logic and Ability to PersuadeImprove Logic and Ability to Persuade

Writing any text develops our logic. On a par with other school subjects (like algebra and geometry), literature and writing develop logical thinking. The ability to express ideas correctly, consistently, and logically is the basis of persuasion. 

This quality is indispensable for a successful professional. People who can convince others always become leaders.

Teach to Formulate Thoughts Clearly

To see the proof of this point, check your old essays and compare them with the latest ones. You will probably see a lot of improvements like fewer fillers, specific terms, and not so many ambiguous formulations.

The ability to express your ideas without vague references and repetitions is critical for:

  • personal and professional development;
  • communicating with other people;
  • achieving goals;
  • distinguishing the main idea in an ocean of information. 

Be sure, this skill is irreplaceable, especially in our time. The ability to throw away unnecessary things and leave the main thing is often enough to save us when everything is constantly changing.

Develop Critical ThinkingHave to Submit Essays (2)

Students learn how to analyze facts, objectively evaluate their significance and validity, and draw logical conclusions based on the information available. One of the goals of this assignment is to express your point of view, supporting it with evidence: quotations, statistical data, etc. 

In other words, students must be able to articulate their opinions about a given topic correctly. This skill will be useful outside the university as well.

Have to Submit Essays: Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned reasons show the importance of essay writing skills for every student. Even when technologies evolve and change the way students are educated, basic skills remain critical for every student’s life.

And essays help to develop those and, thus, prepare students for future assignments that will be much more serious. Imagine writing coursework or your final paper without prior practice. That’s why such warm-up exercises as essay writing will be relevant in ten years or even more.

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