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Essay Writing: A Daunting Task or an Enriching Experience?

Whenever a new assignment is given to students, most of them feel like it’s one more burden they have to get rid of. It’s rarely considered as something they can use to their benefit, and there’s nothing weird. The problem is mostly the overload students often face and can’t run away from for different reasons. 

For instance, when one has trouble understanding where to start and is bad at socializing, it’s much harder to get help from someone who knows the answer. The only thought about talking to someone is scary. 

One of the ways out is to pay for an essay or ask for help from one of your relatives or friends. Yet, you will still need to understand how to complete the assignment yourself or what it’s about. Finally, your teacher may ask you about some methods you applied or the ideas you expressed. That’s where you need to be able to discuss the matter. 

Still, if you firmly decided to write your essays yourself, you need to work on a more positive attitude towards them and other written tasks.

Enriching Experience: Find the Root of the Problemto pay for an essay

Figure out the reason why you struggle to write the essay. Maybe you think that it’s just a new nasty assignment of no use for you. Yet, every academic task benefits you in a way. Whether it’s stress resistance or learning how to communicate with a tough teacher, it’s still some experience you can use in the future. 

Even if the essay is barely connected to your major and that’s the reason you are not motivated enough to complete it, think of it as a kind of training. The thing is, you won’t always be able to pursue your hobby or the job you like without the “side-effects” of real life. It means that before you learn something truly valuable to get a better job, you will have to discipline yourself to do some boring things like

  • visiting long workshops;
  • completing a bunch of similar assignments;
  • having regular study sessions to prepare for exams, etc.

All the things above are not something people enjoy. Yet, they are always followed by something more engaging. So, you need to overcome them just to leave such tasks behind. Otherwise, you will probably have to deal with them in the future even more often because of a lack of practice and skills. And what about the latter?

A Daunting Task or an Enriching Experience: Work on Your Soft Skills

Such things as time management bored everyone around to death, except for those who mastered it and have a much easier life. Have you ever noticed how much some of your classmates manage to do within the same timeframe you have and even get some rest? Meanwhile, you may sit procrastinating and watching series, but it doesn’t help you relax, does it? 

Of course, your classmates could buy coursework or order another assignment. Still, besides that, they manage to learn all the necessary material. How do they do it? They control their bad habits like procrastination using planners and successful learning techniques.

When procrastination falls upon you, it’s almost always accompanied by a sense of guilt. You can watch the same series sitting on the same couch and feel better only because prior to that, you finished an unpleasant chore or task. So, it’s mostly about the order in which you do the things.

If you feel that you can’t control your procrastination or manage your time, it’s a must to arm yourself with apps and a planner. They will help you set rigid boundaries when it’s necessary. Just don’t forget to have a real day-off to chill out and restore energy. That’s one more rule to follow if you want to succeed at essay writing and studies in general.

List the Benefits of Essay WritingList the Benefits of Essay Writing

However hard it may be, the exercise of looking for advantages in some situations is good mindset training. It often allows you to calm down even in the toughest cases, but it’s not about becoming a hard-core optimist. Finding some pros just helps you boost motivation.

Essay writing is a way of developing your writing skills and practicing academic language instead of using slang. It is one of the activities that will give you background knowledge and skills useful in many jobs. 

Finally, essays always entail critical thinking and analysis. Whether the subject is philosophy or literature, pondering on the given topic may help you a lot in complex situations in the future. You may not realize it then, of course, but it won’t really matter.

Enriching Experience: Summing Up

Writing essays, research papers, or case studies is not something every student is fond of. However, the point of these tasks is not to make you a great writer. You can use simple writing to express your thoughts, hone your skills, and learn how to analyze complex issues. This foundation is something everyone needs in their life.

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