Things You Must Experience on a French Canal Barge Trip

Written By Alla Levin
September 20, 2021
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Things You Must Experience on a French Canal Barge Trip

Some people chase adventurous travel experiences, while others desire a more laid-back travel experience. They let their hair down and soak in the beauty while not caring about anything. Ultimate relaxation amidst luxury is their aim.

A French canal barge trip is a luxurious, relaxing, and excellent travel experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in French culture and experience the attractions like a local. A canal trip is a form of slow travel wherein you do not just check off attractions from your list but properly immerse in the experiences.

French barge trips take you through popular attractions, food joints, and cultural experiences of the locations near the canals. The water flow of channels in the country is intricate and well connected, with over eight thousand kilometers of canals for one to explore. There are many cruises and experiences for you to choose from.

While the specific experiences depend on your itinerary, here are some of the best experiences on a French canal barge trip.

Sample the Wonderful Wines

There is no point in visiting France and not sampling different kinds of wines. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, the wine tasting regimen is an experience in itself. You get to sample and drink different wines directly from the region where they are produced.

Wine tasting and exploring the vineyards is a highlight of any canal barge trip in France. Many tour companies have an open bar on board with an exquisite selection of wines and champagnes to choose from.

New Culinary ExperiencesNew Culinary Experiences

People worldwide enjoy French cuisine, but you get to try out regional French food items in their most proper form when on a barge trip. Many tour companies have a chef on board to make regional cuisines.

If you wish to explore more, one can even step off the barge and explore the cuisine of the local town nearby. On their trip, one must try culinary delight like Beef Bourguignon, Gascon Foie Gras, and Entrecote Bordelaise, as you will get to experience these dishes in their most original form.

French Canal Barge Trip: Dive into the Rich History of Different Regions

If you are a history buff, France is the right destination for you. The barge trips often include popular magnificent historical sites in their shore excursions. One of the most popular attractions on a canal barge trip is the UNESCO World Heritage site Village of Vézelay. However, one must make prior reservations to visit the heritage sites.

Experience France like a Local

You can visit the local sights and attractions by yourself, but an advantage of taking a French canal barge trip is visiting the lesser popular areas and hidden gems. These excursions frequently feature off-the-beaten-path sites that you may not have discovered on your own.

On excursions to the vineyards, you can share wine and food with the local French people who make the wines or work in the vineyards. The interactions with local people will enable you to experience the authentic French culture just like a native.

The wonderful country has so much to offer to travelers who are seeking a relaxed French getaway. As a traveler, keep your mind open to new experiences and avoid trying new things.

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