Signs That you Might Need Glasses

Written By Alla Levin
September 21, 2021

Signs That you Might Need Glasses

If you’ve never had glasses before, you’re probably not used to looking out for signs that your eyesight is getting worse. Whether you visit your optician regularly or not, you might be struggling to see clearly without realizing it.

This blog can help you identify whether the problems you’ve been experiencing are to do with your eyesight. Here are some common signs you should be watching out for:

Blurred vision

One of the most obvious myopia symptoms is having blurred vision when looking at faraway objects, but struggling to read words on the page in front of you is also a sign you might need glasses.

Even if you haven’t necessarily noticed blurriness, if you find yourself moving closer to signs on the street or have to hold your book further away from your face than you used to, you should pay a visit to your optician. As humans, we’re very good at adapting to weaknesses in our bodies, so a small change in your vision can easily go unnoticed.

Hazinesssigns that you might need glasses

Sometimes the world around you doesn’t look obviously blurry, but it’s ever so slightly hazy. Objects should all have clear lines and appear defined, but it’s easy to forget this if you’ve been living with an eyesight problem for a while. Look around you and consider whether things appear crisp or whether they could stand to be sharpened a little.

Light Halos

A light halo is often noticed at night, with many people not noticing it as a problem at all. When people who need glasses look at bright street lamps or car headlights, they often seem to have a halo around them or a kind of aura.

This is caused by a lack of focus and is similar to how blurriness occurs when looking at objects during the day. Most people can see these halos if they squint their eyes, but if they always appear to you, it’s best to book an eye test soon.


Headaches can be caused by all kinds of things, but if you notice them more when you’re on the computer or you’re focusing on faraway objects for a long time, chances are they’re related to your vision.

When you need glasses, your eyes have to work a lot harder to see things, which can cause your head to hurt over time. But remember, even when you do get glasses, headaches can continue for a week or two while your eyes adjust to your new lenses, so don’t be alarmed if things seem to get worse before they get better.

Tired eyes

Like headaches, your hardworking eyes will feel much more tired when they have to strain to see clearly regularly. You might feel like you haven’t slept enough, even when you have, and you should find that this feeling goes away after resting your eyes for a little while.

If you’re having any of these symptoms or are concerned about your vision, make sure you see an eye specialist as soon as possible.

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