7 Benefits of Daily Workout for Older Adults

Written By Alla Levin
September 25, 2021
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7 Benefits of Daily Workout for Older Adults

Age catches all. It’s a certain humbling sentiment, knowing that life is centered around health on a large spectrum. We may go all our lives with a million worries, and yet, in the end, the most important thing usually slips the list. No wonder they say health is wealth indeed. 

Health gains the spotlight when age advances and the senior years begin. There are so many more diseases and health risks that one becomes more susceptible to. This is why a good workout and exercise must be followed to keep those at bay. 

Here are various benefits that a daily strength and body workout can have for older adults:

Improves Balance and decreases the risk of falls

With daily workouts, older adults can work towards better strength and balance. This helps reduce the chance of falling, which can be a huge deal for older adults. With daily exercise, they can work on their coordination constantly and stay fit. Exercise can also help improve posture and flexibility for seniors that adds to better health as well. 

Prevents diseases

Common diseases like heart diseases and diabetes are widespread in older adults. Because their immune systems are often compromised or weaker than someone younger, seniors should take extra precautions that exercise helps provide. The simplest of exercises like walking also can help cover these risks or help reduce the symptoms of the same through an active lifestyle. 

Higher energy

Constantly sitting down and relaxing may be the call sometimes, but not engaging in any activity can make one feel lazy or tired all the time. However, with frequent and scheduled exercise, energy is maintained. Energy includes a feeling of active well-being and promotes healthy sleep, lively energy, and a good mood, connecting to our next point.  

Positive mental health

Your body’s heath, and this is scientifically proven, is linked to your mind. A healthier outlook and fresh energy every day help keep a positive mental outlook. It is said that endorphins are the feel-good hormones, and they are released when one exercises. 

Daily exercise can also act as a stress reliever and help prevent depression due to so many changes around one lifestyle as one grows older. Idleness takes its toll and can be avoided through exercises and keeping the mind occupied elsewhere.

Increases bone density

Osteoporosis is a fairly common bone disease that makes the bones brittle, fragile, and prone to break. And even 30 minutes of sincere exercise can help prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bones. It is recommended that frequent bone density scans be done by men and women over 65. 

Increases muscle mass and overall functionality

Doing strength training and building exercises for older adults helps increase muscle mass and strengthen them. Better strength can help them walk larger distances, increase mobility, get better body composition, and improve reflexes. A better range of motion means a healthier body. 


It seems like a normal thing, nothing to stress about, but walking, bathe and dress independently is the biggest sign of good health. Being active and exercising every day helps maintain this and reduces the need for assistive devices. 


It is never too late to start. In fact, don’t rush. Rushing could cause an injury. Patiently start with a small exercise for a shorter time and then work your way to longer with time. Sit and Be Fit provides exercise classes on TV and the web. Incorporate fun workouts into your daily exercise and live happily.

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