How To Find The TikTok Hashtags To Use For Maximum Results

Written By Alla Levin
September 27, 2021
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How To Find The TikTok Hashtags To Use For Maximum Results

Unless you have incredible self-control, chances are you’ve made a TikTok account by this time. The app grew quickly in popularity in 2020, and it seems like just about everyone is on TikTok these days. Whether you’re actively posting on an account or just watching other people’s videos, you’re likely familiar with the video app. 

If you’re creating videos for your brand or business, you’re likely working to figure out the best way to grow your reach and your following on the platform. After all, that’s the best way to engage with new people who will potentially become followers. In addition, you can also check out sites such as and look at buying likes to boost the algorithm and increase engagement.

There are many different ways you can try to grow your reach, like participating in trends and dueting famous creators. However, part of your social media strategy can include finding the right TikTok hashtags to use and adding them to your videos.

Why You Should Use Hashtags On TikTok 

Let’s dig into some of the many reasons you should start using hashtags on TikTok and how they’ll help you grow your following.

Hashtags Put You In Front Of The Right Audience

First of all, hashtags help you land the right audience for your page. Like on Instagram or other social media platforms, people follow hashtags they’re interested in to see posts related to that topic. Technically, TikTok lets you add a certain hashtag to your favorites, but it serves the same purpose as following a hashtag.

When you find the right TikTok hashtags to use to land in front of your audience, your reach will begin to grow. When you land on the right people’s pages, they’ll be more likely to engage with your video, which will then help it become more popular and land on even more people’s pages.

Helps Your Content Be Seen Outside Of Your Followers 

Your followers are great. After all, your page wouldn’t be popular without them. But, the point of social media isn’t just to talk to one small group of people. Instead, you want to find more and more people to add to your following so you can make a bigger impact and have bigger conversations. 

Using the right hashtags helps your content reach people outside of your follower’s list. While many of your followers might follow the hashtags you’re using, they certainly aren’t the only people watching those hashtags.

So, leveraging the TikTok platform by finding the right TikTok hashtags to use can help you reach new people who might be ideal customers for your brand or business. The right people might be out there, but they don’t know you exist yet.

Helps The TikTok Algorithm

The hashtags you use are taken into consideration by TikTok’s algorithm. It also looks at things like your caption, the sounds you use, a user’s interactions with other videos, and their device settings.

When you add hashtags to your video, you’re giving the TikTok algorithm more information that it can use to help your video find the right For You Pages.

How To Find The Right TikTok Hashtags To Use 

So now you know that finding the right TikTok hashtags to use is important, but that doesn’t help you actually find them. Let’s dig into three ways you can find the best hashtags for your posts so you can start growing your reach.

TikTok Discovery PageTikTok Algorithm 

The first way to find the TikTok hashtags to use for your brand to grow is on TikTok itself. Click off of your home screen for a moment and head over to the discover page. There you can find a whole host of potential hashtags you can start adding to your videos. Be careful because the discover page also shows you popular sounds and effects, and you don’t want to get caught up and use the wrong one.

The discover page will also show you how many views that hashtag has – for instance, #HelloFall had 5.1 billion views while writing this article.

The discover page can also help you find more specific hashtags if you do a TikTok search. Begin by going to the discover page and typing a hashtag you think your ideal audience likes and uses into the search bar.

Then, hit search and click on the hashtags tab. You’ll see many, many results that begin with the hashtag you typed. You can again see how many views each has. From here, you can refine your search and try different hashtags until you find the best ones for your brand.

Influencers In Your Niche

Another great way to find the right hashtags to use is by conducting a TikTok account search to see what influencers within your niche are using. Influencers are incredibly common, popular, and important on TikTok. If you can find an influencer or two in your niche, you can find lots of information that can help you target your ideal audience. 

You can find them directly within TikTok or by using a third-party program. If you’re looking within TikTok, start by going to some of your ideal followers’ pages, or visit pages of your competitors in your industry.

See what influencers they’re following and engaging with regularly. Once you find them, please take a look at the hashtags they’re using. Try incorporating them into your videos regularly and see if that impacts the reach and engagement your videos receive.

The other way to find influencers in your niche is to use a third-party program like InfluenceGrid. External platforms let you search for influencers in ways other than just by name.

After all, if you’re trying to find influencers, you probably don’t know their names or handles yet. Instead, you can search by location, follower count, or engagement rate easily. Most importantly, though, you can search by niche. This is a great way to locate influencers you may have never heard of before. 

Once you’ve found potential influencers, you’ll want to take a look at their video views and average engagement. After all, just because they’re using certain hashtags doesn’t mean those hashtags are working.

Make sure they have consistent views and engagement (even if it isn’t huge!). Just because someone has a smaller following or reach doesn’t mean their hashtags aren’t worthwhile. They might be highly targeted, which would actually be more beneficial for your purposes.

Know What Hashtags Are TrendingInfluencers In Your Niche

The Discover page is a great way to see the top trending hashtags on TikTok. Sometimes trending hashtags won’t apply to your brand or your posts, so you’ll want to carefully think about and review them before you start adding them to everything.

However, if you want to add them to everything, the TikTok algorithm is more open than other algorithms. (On Instagram, if you use hashtags that aren’t related to your posts regularly, you could be flagged or shadow-banned.)

As with any trends, the TikTok trending hashtags vary quickly. Depending on what people are looking for and interested in on any given day, the trends change. But, we’ll share what the most popular trending hashtags were when this was written.

Top Ten Trending TikTok Hashtags

  1. #LatinxBusiness
  2. #CandyCrushAllStars [crown emoji]
  3. #HelloFall
  4. #TikTokFashionMonth
  5. #TodayILearned
  6. #StudyTok
  7. #PlantBased
  8. #LatinMusic
  9. #Montero
  10. #BeKind

Let’s talk about a few of these hashtags and why they were likely trending. First of all, when this post was written, and these examples were pulled, Lil Nas X had just released his album “Montero,” so many videos were being made with that hashtag and just discussing the album in general.

It was also the start of fall, so hashtags like #HelloFall were viral. It was also Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, so Latinx businesses and music were boosted and talked about on TikTok. 

Finally, let’s look at the Candy Crush All-Stars hashtag. It’s important to note that this is an “official” hashtag sponsored by Candy Crush All-Stars. When you view that hashtag’s uses, you’ll see some videos at the top marked “Official.”

These videos are some of the sponsored ads that Candy Crush All-Stars has paid these creators to make and post. However, not all of the videos on this page that use this hashtag are actually related to Candy Crush. Many unrelated videos jumped on the trending hashtag and used it to get their video more views. 

When you’re deciding to use trending hashtags, you can decide if you want to use relevant trending hashtags or if you want to use the most popular hashtags instead simply.

Get To Hashtagging!Get To Hashtagging

Once you find the hashtags you want to use, it’s time to start adding them to your videos to see what resonates with your audience and lands you on new people’s for you pages. Hashtags are designed to help you grow your reach and following, which is a great way to get maximum results.

These tips should help you find the TikTok hashtags to use to grow your platform – who knows, maybe you’ll even make a video go viral! Now, what are you waiting for? Start searching for hashtags!

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