Social Media Tips to Implement in Daily Marketing Strategy

Written By Alla Levin
April 21, 2021

Social Media Tips to Implement in Daily Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms get more recognition and attention, and it’s not a surprise. Global pandemic and lockdown were big pressure on people; that’s why they spend more time on social platforms. If you are missing the opportunity to put products on social platforms, you are missing big time. In this post, you’ll learn more about the proven tips to implement in your social media marketing strategy. 

Responsible consumption

The number of people who think about the impact of their shopping habits on the environment and their world is growing. A sustainable brand is becoming synonymous with being socially responsible. Among the new values ​​are reasonable consumption instead of “consumerism,” eco instead of carelessness, the desire to change the world for the better instead of making money without principles.

A brand should at least try to reduce its impact on the environment, and as a maximum – actively participate in sustainable practices itself. For example, the H&M brand accepts clothing for recycling, Globus hypermarkets, which accept lamps and batteries. Many coffee shops are switching to bagasse (sugarcane waste) lids instead of plastic ones, selling coffee with a 50% discount if the visitor comes with his own glass. Moreover,

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is just beginning to unfold, and this feature can be used for various purposes. For example:

  • Offer the user to examine the object in detail from all sides, imagine how it will look in their interior. Examples of using augmented reality for this are from such companies as Ikea, Apple (the ability to see how a product from the catalog will look in the house), Faberlic (to see the product in full size). This function is also useful in that the buyer can, albeit virtually, feel the item as his own;
  • Provide useful information. For example, Absolut vodka, using a small label on the bottle, allowed the client to visit the production, get acquainted with the technology, and learn the cocktail recipe that can be prepared based on the product. And Heinz ketchup’s offer a recipe book using the sauce;
  • Navigation. For example, the beer brand Stella Artois has a Le Bar Guide app that shows you where the beer you want is available in nearby pubs;
  • Customer engagement. With the help of augmented reality, you can create a game format in which thousands of users will participate. One recent example is Dodo Pizza’s Cyberpunk collaboration. One of the campaign features is the AR mask on Instagram, which reacts not to the user but the customized Dodo 2077 pizza box. When you hover the camera, a cyber pizza animation appears, which must be uploaded to Stories to participate in the competition.

Videos and live streams

The video format and live broadcasts during the pandemic gained immense popularity: training, excursions, concerts, training, meetings were held live, and those who did not have time watched the recording. Video is a more accessible way of obtaining information, and when it is in real-time – users can feel involved. Here the feeling of FOMO is triggered – the fear of missing something important, not taking part in something.

The latest trend in video marketing is definitely Twitch. It’s already full of people who are not connected to gaming. People may think that Twitch is all about gaming streaming, but it’s not true. You’ll see lots of other industry authorities joining the platform. You can use this opportunity and jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. You can buy Twitch viewers for a little boost in the algorithm. In that way, you trick the platform algorithm into letting your video stream get recommended more often.

Live streams are ideal for promoting on Instagram or Facebook. The format of stories for many readers is nicer than the Feed. Companies can show in the sketches from everyday life and become closer, making the relationship between subscribers and themselves more trusting. TikTok, based on short videos, has become a full-fledged competitor to “classic” social networks, so if your audience is under 25, it makes sense to develop this channel actively.

Social media tips: own creative studiosSocial media tips

Another trend that is gaining popularity is creating your own creative divisions (agencies, studios, etc.) within a company or group of companies. And this is a logical move – our own employees are deeply involved in the brand; they know better the specifics of the organization’s work, its values and can quickly clarify the necessary details from colleagues.

When working with external agencies, cooperation is usually built through an account manager, and each extra person in the chain increases the deadline for completing the task. This is not too great, since we are talking about Internet content, where speed is important:

  • filing social networks;
  • texts for websites and landing pages;
  • writing expert articles;
  • creation of mailings, etc.

The formation of your own creative agency within the brand allows you to quickly respond to changes of any nature and significant world events. As for content marketing, the trend has been developing for several years, but the crisis and pandemic have shown the importance of online interaction with the target audience and building trusting relationships.

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