Simple Author Box Review: The Best Solution for Crediting Content Creators

Written By Alla Levin
September 27, 2021
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Simple Author Box Review: The Best Solution for Crediting Content Creators

An author box is a small section at the end or beginning of an article or blog post in which some basic information about the author of the text is written.

There you can briefly read about the author and find out new information about them. Authors can write about their careers, hobbies, some interesting facts about them, etc. This brings the reader closer to the author and makes the reader better understand the article.

What is a Simple Author Box?Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a plugin created for you to make author boxes. As the name itself says, it is straightforward to install and use and can easily be added to your posts or articles.

This plugin contains various great features that can make your blog look slicker and arranged. If you have guest authors, the plugin allows you to make an author box for every content creator on your blog. This makes future collaborations with other authors much easier since you can easily credit them under their work.

Another great feature is being able to add multiple author boxes for multiple authors. If an article is written by more than one person, you can add all of their information in separate author boxes below the article.

When it comes to the appearance of the boxes, everything is easily customizable. You can choose your color scheme or use already made templates and choose the size and color of the fonts that you will be using.

Add and modify your author box with ease. Make author box links open in new tabs or use the no-follow link attribute. Select the post types where you want your box to appear. If you are having any trouble with the plugin, a team will help you with all the issues you may be having.

Crediting content creators: conclusionCrediting Content Creators

Author boxes are a great tool to use to form a better connection between the authors and the readers of the article. As well as for introducing the author to the readers, they are a great way to improve the SEO of your website. That is why they are great for various businesses that want to increase their reach.

Author boxes make the website look more organized, and it is easier for readers to search articles by author. In the box, you can put links to the author’s social media so that the readers can contact them if they want to.

Author boxes are used because they return visitors to the website, help make connections with colleagues in the field, boost a brand’s credibility and recognition, and because external connections to high-authority websites can help increase domain authority.

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