10 Exciting Train Journeys to Not Miss 

Written By Alla Levin
September 30, 2021

10 Exciting Train Journeys to Not Miss 

Traveling is a great experience for you to soak in all the beauty that the world offers. There are plenty of means of transportation, but the one that excels the most is traveling by train. That will be a journey that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Trains are fast, comfortable and they will give you an opportunity and, not to mention, environmentally-friendly. 

Some train rides are breathtaking, and having a chance to ride on them will be an unforgettable experience. You will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of the places you are traveling to. Since there are a lot of choices, we will provide you with our top train rides in the world that you shouldn’t miss.

Oslo to Bergentrain journeys

This beautiful Norwegian Railway is a surreal attraction. This Railway takes you from the capital (Oslo) to the second city (Bergen). The train takes approximately seven hours and will take you through beautiful Scandinavian villages, forests, and fjords. Another amazing thing about this train journey is that it crosses the Hardangervidda plateau at 1.273m above sea level.

Glasgow to Edinburgh

On this lovely train ride, you will have a chance to explore Glasgow and Edinburgh. You will be able to see the Highland village and the astonishing Old Pack Horse Bridge. The train usually takes 1h and 10m to take you from one city to the other.

Xining to Lhasatrain journeys

This is one of the highest railways in the world. It climbs to an amazing height of 5.231m at the Tanggula Pass. You will travel through the beautiful Tibetan Plateau and see snow-covered peaks and frozen rivers. 

China also has amazing lakes you’ll be able to see…As the train climbs, the magnificent sight of the Kunlun Mountains takes over. The terrain gets smoother near Lhasa.

Mettupalayam to Udagamandalam

This is India’s only rack and pinion railway. It is part of the Unesco-listed Mountain Railways of India. This exciting train goes through the steepest parts of Asia. The train has to cross over 250 bridges and passes more than 10 tunnels. The scenery is stunning, and there are plenty of tea plantations, forest hills…

Tayshet to Sovetskaya Gavan10 Exciting Train Journeys to Not Miss 

A fascinating train that goes through some of Russia’s least accessible terrain. This amazing ride will allow you to see all the beauties of the Siberian wilderness. Another thing that makes this ride exciting is traveling through cities and towns that still represent the Soviet era.

The train crosses the Angara and the  Lena River. You are going to have a great view of Lake Baikal and the dense forests of Russia. This is one of the best scenic train journeys in Europe although it doesn’t have too many passengers.

Puno to Cusco

Peru is known for its lush jungles and beautiful rainforests. The journey begins across Altiplano, from the world’s highest navigable Lake Titicaca to the historical capital of Inka.

From the snow-dusted peaks and valleys of Andres, this train will provide you with views of Peruvian plains and llama farmers. The open-air Observation Car will help you to capture all the panoramic views of Peru.

Mumbai to Madgaon

This train, known as the Mandovi express, takes about 12 h to get you from Mumbai to Madgaon. It travels through the Konkan coast surrounding you with Sahyadri hills, while the Arabian sea is on the other.

Doors are always open, and you can feel the warm breeze entering the train during the ride. On the descendant of Goa, it passes across more than 200 bridges, including India’s highest viaduct. You will see palm and coconut trees or even farmers taking care of their cattle.

Sudbury to White River

One of the most famous trains in Canada provides travelers with an opportunity to see northern lights and polar bears. It passes through crystal clear lakes and flourishing forests. 

The train is the most popular in October because of the fall colors you can see through the train’s large windows. It’s currently suspended due to flooding tracks and bridges that have been damaged.

Train Journeys: New Orleans to Los Angeles

America’s oldest named train, called Sunset Limited, will take you from New Orleans to Los Angeles through the South. Soak in all the panoramic views of  Louisiana, Texas, the cacti of New Mexico, and Arizona.

You will enjoy the scenery changes throughout the way, and you will meet a diversity of passengers. Bayou Country, Mexican border, desserts, and California mountains will pass by you.

Cannes to Ventimiglia

Travel from France to Italy, across the Azure coast and the French Riviera. This is a double-decker train that will allow you to see the deep blue Ligurian sea and coastal highways: Cagnes-sur-mer, Juan Les Pins, and Antibes. It makes a stop in Monaco and Nice, and it will allow you to admire the French and Italian architecture and charming villages nearby.

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