Types of Deliveries a Courier Company Makes

Written By Alla Levin
October 01, 2021
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Types of Deliveries a Courier Company Makes

If you are looking to hire a courier company, you will want to find out about the different services they can provide you with. There is no denying that the logistics sector has advanced significantly in the past decade, and now there are so many different services that you can leverage from a courier company. Below, we will take a look at five of the different types of deliveries courier companies can make so that you can get a better understanding.

Standard nationwide courier

Let us begin with the standard nationwide courier service. With this option, courier companies will deliver packages throughout the UK. In most cases, it will take between three and five days for the parcel to be delivered to the end destination. Several years ago, this was about as good as it got on the delivery front, but with tracking api a lot has changed since then.

International courier servicesInternational courier services

Another common service that is offered by courier service companies is an international delivery. Global delivery can be much more challenging, as a wide variety of factors are at play here. Naturally, costs to send a package abroad are more expensive as a consequence.

This is because the logistics involved in this are extensive, and there are also many more forms that need to be filled out, including custom forms. It will make everyone’s life a lot easier if you read up on rules and regulations regarding prohibited items and such like before you send a parcel to another destination. Different countries have different rules, so do not assume that everywhere will be the same as the UK.

Express/next-day delivery

This is undoubtedly the most popular delivery service that is offered at the moment. Whether you need a new outfit for the weekend or forgot to send something for your friend’s birthday, express and next-day delivery services can be a lifesaver.

Some companies also offer guaranteed next-day delivery before a certain time; typically, 1 pm. These sorts of services deliver excellent value, but will we soon see them overtaken by same-day courier services?

Same-day courier servicesrules and regulations regarding prohibited items

We are slowly starting to see same-day delivery services becoming more popular. This is something that Amazon has been providing for quite some time now on many of their Prime products, and it really does make a massive difference. Same-day courier services can help to give businesses a competitive edge over others in the industry. We are bound to see some businesses exploring this area in more depth soon.

Weekend and bank holiday courier

Last but not least, a lot of the services that have been mentioned above do not operate on Sundays or Bank Holidays. However, this does not mean that deliveries are impossible. Several delivery companies have decided to provide their customers with a seven-day-a-week service. So they are offering deliveries on bank holidays and Sundays to set themselves apart.

As you can see, many different types of deliveries can be made by courier companies. If you are looking to benefit from an efficient and effective delivery service, take your time to choose one with care. Make sure that they have plenty of experience and that they are known for providing a quality service.

There are many benefits associated with delivery companies. Still, you will only leverage them if they are reliable and live up to their promises of on-time delivery, no matter what kind of delivery they’re making.

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