How To Use Green In Your Home Decor

Written By Alla Levin
October 06, 2021
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How To Use Green In Home Decor

Looking to include the beautiful color green in your home? Read on for inspiration and ideas to help you get started going green.

Green is incredibly on-trend at the moment in all areas of decor. If you love luscious green, but you’re unsure how to use it in your home, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a quick guide on how to use green in your home decor:

Which Green Is On Trend?

At the moment, seafoam, tidal greens, rich moss greens, and forest greens are favored in design. However, it comes to personal taste. All greens are vibrant, earthy, lush, and renewing in their energy. You can choose the green to suit your decor design and use different shades depending on the area and application.

How To Include Different Greens In Your Home Decor

To help you get an idea of how different greens could work in your home, here are some hints and tips on including different shades of green in different parts of your decor:

Dark Greens

Dark greens work very well as standout accents in a room. For example, a dark fern leaf work of art, dark green cushions, or a dark green accent wall. The color is exquisite, but it can suffocate a space if used in the wrong way. In most cases, it works well to draw attention to the area or piece of furniture you want to be seen, rather than acting as a base color for a room.

Pastel Green

Pastel or retro green is incredibly popular at the moment, offering a deliciously creamy, minty option for people who love green and neutrals. It is seen a lot in bathrooms at the moment as an updated alternative to blue.

There are also many accessories using pastel green like cushions, throws, plant pots, and fans. It’s a good option for a home office or a guest space because it is comforting and fresh.

If you like Scandinavian minimalism, you might also want to play with this tone alongside warm neutrals like oat and cream to add a little more depth and color to your home decor.

Middle GreenScandinavian minimalism

Another one of the fantastic idea to bring medium green into your home is by adding the colors of nature. It can be in the form of refreshing palm tree wall arts as they have the perfect combination of green and other colors of nature. You can hang a sizable wall art full of floral, botanical, and foliage illustrations above the sofa or create a grid on an adjacent wall.

Sea Greens

Expect to see many green items with titles like sea foam, tidal green, seaweed green, or other sea-inspired names. This is because we, as a society, continue to take inspiration from nature in the way we decorate our homes, and the sea has become a major influence in many green tones this season.

Sea greens are a fantastic choice for the bathroom, naturally, because of the link to water. You could also use them in a bedroom as an alternative to standard neutrals or in a home office if you want to add energy and flow to what can be a stagnant space.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Green Makeover

The first step to making over any home is to strip it back before you design it. Declutter, move everything into cheap self-storage, and get an idea of the space you are working with. In line with minimalist concepts, if you can renovate what you have and take crafted items from your cheap self-storage unit to improve your home, that’s a cheap and environmentally friendly route to go down.

You could also opt for low VOC paints when you choose the green shades you want to include, as well as non-plastic naturally dyed fabrics, locally sourced art, and sustainably sourced materials for aspects of the renovation like flooring. After all, it’s nice to ‘go green’ both in color and environmental awareness if you can.

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