A Guide to Decluttering for People Who Collect a Lot of Clutter

Written By Alla Levin
October 12, 2021

A Guide to Decluttering for People Who Collect a Lot of Clutter

Decluttering your home can be tough. There are lots of things that can prevent you from wanting to get rid of the things that are filling up your home, but those things don’t need to hold you back from making a positive change.

With that in mind, we’re going to talk today about the steps you can take to declutter your home, even if you’re someone who collects a lot of clutter and finds it difficult to get rid of it. So read on to find out more.

Start by Getting Rid of What Doesn’t Work Any Longer

First of all, you should start by getting rid of the things in the home that are easiest to get rid of. If you have lots of items that are no longer even used and don’t really offer you anything, these are the things that you should clear out, to begin with. Broken and non-functional possessions should be easy to part with because you know there’s no point holding onto them in most cases.

Create a Sorting SystemCreate a Sorting System

Having some sorting system in place in each room in your home is certainly a good idea. If you have a sorting system that makes sense for you and allows you to keep all of the most important things within easy reach is something that’s definitely important. The sorting system should be suited to your needs and daily routines.

Use Storage Units of Getting Rid Completely is Too Difficult

If you struggle to let go of items permanently, you could instead look to store some of those possessions in some off-site storage location. Storage units can offer what you’re looking for by getting those excess possessions out of your home, but at the same time, you’re not getting rid of things forever. You can always go and get them if you want or need to.

Clear Surfaces

One of the best things you can do is clear the surfaces in your home. You know your home is cluttered when all of the flat surfaces in your home are filled with items, and you have no spare space on desks, tables, and things like that. Clear off these areas, and then decide what you can do with the previously filling items up. Clearing out most of them will be a good idea.

Track What You Actually Use

Finally, it would help if you thought about what you might be able to get rid of in the future. You can do that by tracking what you use and making a note of it. That way, you can then get rid of items in the future when you realize that you’re simply not using them any longer.

Be sure to make the most of each of the ideas discussed above if you want to get on top of your space and declutter it once and for all. Of course, this isn’t just about getting rid of things; you also need to find ways to limit the amount of new stuff you’re bringing into your home too.

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