How to Turn Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Sanctuary?    

Written By Alla Levin
September 20, 2021
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How to Turn Your Home into an Eco-Friendly Sanctuary?

Converting your home into an abode in harmony with the environment can help achieve sustainable living. Moving toward a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is not only beneficial right now, but also has long-term benefits that future generations will be grateful for.

You can begin your quest for sustainable living by changing simple things at home, such as using bamboo toilet paper, as it is more environmentally friendly. Thanks to technology, you now do your eco shopping online. There are stores that provide various sustainable alternatives to everyday products at nominal prices.

Tips To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Here are a few practical tips to make your home eco-friendly and sustainable.

Install Energy-Efficient LightingEco-Friendly Sanctuary

LED bulbs consume less energy than traditional lights. Since they last longer, you save considerably in the long run by installing energy-efficient lighting, even if the cost is comparatively higher upfront.

Whenever possible, take maximum advantage of the natural light that comes in through your glass windows. Opening your drapes allows daylight to penetrate indoors. At such times, turning off all artificial lighting helps conserve energy and lower your electricity bills.

Invest in Everyday Green Products

You will come across plastic-free household products when you indulge in convenient eco shopping online. Some of these items include bamboo toilet paper and organic lip balm. Bamboo trees grow faster and require fewer resources to grow, making them more sustainable alternatives to conventional sources of toilet paper.

Even the lip balms, available in organic flavors like vanilla, mint, and raspberry, use only natural and nourishing ingredients. These chemical-free substances are gentle on your lips and the environment. The packaging too is plastic-free and recyclable.

Opt For Energy-Efficient Windows

When your windows are energy efficient, they relieve the pressure on your cooling and heating systems. Energy-efficient windows available in impressive designs and styles can adequately insulate your home in the scorching summers as well as the chilly winters.

Because of this, your HVAC units do not have to work extra hard to heat or cool your home and thus, help reduce your energy consumption. Moreover, insulated windows also serve to soundproof your home as they can keep out the outside noise.

Lend Your Home a Green Touch

Planting trees around your home provides shade and keep your structure cool. Indoor plants also contribute to a healthy home by purifying the air within. A healthy mix of outdoor and indoor plants reduces your dependence on gadgets like air conditioners and air purifiers that consume more energy.

Eco-Friendly Sanctuary: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse

Instead of discarding empty jars and cans, reuse them as planters or for storage purposes and reduce adding to the already overflowing landfills. Keep a few cloth-based shopping bags at hand, so you refrain from accepting plastic ones handed out at the grocery store.

When shopping for furniture or kitchen appliances, source quality second-hand items that are way more affordable than brand new products. Furniture made from recycled material is uniquely impressive and lends character to your home.

Should you wish to throw away stuff such as old clothes, appliances, or furniture, consider donating them to the needy instead, unless they’re completely unusable. It takes effort but, conscious practices do eventually convert your home into an eco-friendly zone.

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