Types of Building Materials Every Project Manager Must Note 

Written By Alla Levin
October 13, 2021

Types of Building Materials Every Project Manager Must Note

The construction industry uses several building materials for different home-building components. Each has extra strength, weight, and durability, making it suitable for various applications.

The materiality of a structure is what people come into immediate contact with. Relevance is as crucial as the shape, function, and location of a building. Here is a list of building materials in Dubai that every project manager should include in their design vocabulary and, of course, lowes promo codes.


Cement are binders used in construction that, after setting, harden and bind to different materials to form a bond. People rarely use cement on its own; instead, they bind gravel and sand together. When cement combines with tiny aggregate, it creates mortar; when cement mixes with gravel and sand, it produces concrete.


Steels are common building materials in Dubai, used with concrete or cement to create stunning and lasting structures. Some critical reasons for the cost-effectiveness and utilization of steel are its variety, sustainability, and flexibility.

Steel Bars

Steel reinforcing bars, often known as rebars, help to increase the concrete’s tensile strength. Steel is employed as rebar due to its elongation (thermal expansion) when exposed to high temperatures. The most frequent type of steel rebar is carbon steel.

Bitumen building materials in Dubai

It is a naturally sticky material made from petroleum or through a refinery process. People use bituminous materials in various applications, including roofing, road construction, waterproofing, etc. The principal application of these building materials in Dubai is the construction of roads. However, it has the same significant challenges as concrete regarding durability and cost.

River Sand

River sand is grey-white and is fine-graded sand utilized as building materials in Dubai. Their primary use is in masonry and concrete projects. They’re also suitable for plastering, RCC, and a variety of other brick and block projects.


It is by far the most frequently utilized construction material on the planet. Cement, fine aggregate, water, and crushed gravel or stones are among these ingredients. Some examples are fine aggregates, such as gravel and sand, and coarse aggregates, such as stones. If you want to buy plenty of materials such as concrete paver, then lowes promo codes will come in handy to provide high-quality materials at a discounted price.

Binding Wires

People use binding wire in the construction industry for tying materials. They are widely utilized as building materials in Dubai to maintain the structure intact by linking rebars to the joints. Binding wire, or annealed wire, is a mild steel wire.


Bricks are kinds of masonry blocks to help construct walls and other features. You can use mortar, glue, or interlocking to link bricks together. Bricks come in various classifications, types, sizes, and materials that vary by place and time and usually come in large quantities.


People use cement or concrete to make blocks. These have a hollow inside to give them a lighter feel and improve their insulating characteristics. They are presently employed to build retaining walls, load-bearing walls, foundations, and partitions, among other things.


People use wood to construct windows, doors, cabinets, shelves, cupboards, railings, tables, etc. It is also commonly utilized in plywood and bare wood forms. Solid wood is used with heavy patterns in plyboard and blocks, windows, and doors to provide toughness, strength, and longevity.

Types of Building Materials: Conclusion

The selection of building materials in Dubai significantly impacts the project’s success. They have the potential to make or destroy a project. Thus project managers must consider which materials will work best for the project throughout the planning phase. Of course, selecting the proper source is crucial in obtaining the right building supplies. So, please find the best suppliers and work closely with them to ensure your materials arrive on time.

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