2021 Easiest Guide to Transcribe YouTube Videos to Text

Written By Alla Levin
October 20, 2021

2021 Easiest Guide to Transcribe YouTube Videos to Text

Transcribing means putting data or speech into text. There are a lot of ways on how to transcribe a video these days. However, unlike before that, you have to do it manually; YouTube now has an auto transcribe feature that is easy to use. Aside from that, there are other options that you can choose from depending on your needs, capability, and resources. First, we need to know the importance of transcribing a video into text.

Global Audience

It will help you reach out to other viewers that do not speak or understand English. By doing this, you will widen your range of viewers and can target everyone on the globe.

Better Viewer Engagement

Transcribing a video will help your viewer to understand the content much better. Because for most of us, it is easier to read and hear to comprehend well. Many also use YouTube for their research, studies, and tutorials. If you transcribe the video, the caption will help your viewer learn fast.

They don’t have to go over and over the video to follow the steps and take notes. Instead, they can easily hit pause and read the caption if they missed out on something on the audio.

PWD friendlytranscribe YouTube videos to text

Not all of us are fortunate to have the sense of hearing. Some are born without it, and some acquire it as they get older. Whatever the case is, let us imagine the frustrations of those viewers who want to watch a video but can not understand it. We can help them just by simply transcribing video into text.

Branding and Thought Leadership

Some brands post podcasts on their Youtube channel. If you use YouTube as a platform in advertising or promoting your business, you would like it to be easier to access. When you transcribe a video, search engines like Google can pick up your transcript just like how it does with blogs.

The text written in your video will be detected when someone searches for a keyword in your text. The more clicks on your video, the more popular you get.

Best and Easiest Ways to Transcribe Your Youtube Videos

via YouTube Automatic Transcription

YouTube made it easy for us to transcribe a video for free. It’s a good option If you do not have the budget to pay a professional transcriptionist. But do note the following disadvantages:

Not all languages are available, and it is not 100% accurate, so you need to double-check and edit. YouTube automatically highlights what seems to be a wrong transcription in grey, so it is easier to check and correct.


Open YouTube in any of your favorite browsers. Choose the video that you wish to transcribe. Click the button with three dots that is under the right bottom corner of the video. Hit on the transcript on the menu.

Then the transcription table will appear. Choose the language that you want to use. And then, you will see the transcription along with the time-lapse. You can copy, paste and edit what needs to be corrected.

via Google Docs

Yes, you read it right! You can also use Google docs to transcribe your Youtube Video into text. It is also easy and free. But like the YouTube Automatic Transcription, this method also has a flaw.

If the video you are trying to transcribe doesn’t have good quality audio, the transcription will not look good and will likely be just 70% accurate.


First, open Google docs in Chrome. Next, open “Create a New Document.” You can then click on the Tools drop-down menu to find and choose voice typing. Then play the video, and it will automatically transcribe. Just make sure that your speaker is on maximum volume, and the audio is clear.

Your microphone should be working. Check the setting in System Preference for Mac and in Control Panel for a PC to know if it is turned on.

via Transcriptionisttranscribe audio and video

Amongst the options that we have on ways to transcribe audio and video, this one may be the most pricier since professionals do it. The fee will depend on the video’s length and how quickly you need them to work.

Most professional transcriptionists also consider the content of your video. Their fee is also based on whether the content is too technical. But with this method, all you need to do is pay and wait.

Looking for a transcriptionist is easy. You have to ask around for a person who can fit your needs. Some transcriptionists have their niche too. For example, some specialize in finance content, while others prefer tech-related content.

via Online App

There are a lot of online applications that provide transcribing for you. You need to know which is reliable and which is not. Online transcription apps are much more affordable than having a professional transcriptionist do it. It is also faster, so it is the best, especially when working on a deadline. But the quality will not be at its best. Since you are using an online app, there could be words that it won’t catch. Words spoken with an accent are hard to pick up for these apps.

Transcribing a video is now more common than in the past. Businesses are becoming aware of how to make their content inclusive. Videos with transcriptions are easier to understand. So if you have videos on how to make your products work or just introduce your brand, transcribing is a must.

Some people prefer watching videos without audio. They may be in a public place, commuting with a crowd, or taking a short break at work. No matter the reason, someone will surely appreciate watching your video with transcription.

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