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How To Increase YouTube Views and Subscribers in 2024

Without a doubt, the simplicity and accessibility of YouTube have driven it to catapult growth in recent years. It has enabled content creators worldwide to reach and share their content with large audiences and has helped countless e-commerce businesses grow.

Since the first video was uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005, no one has ever looked back at the online video sharing and social media platform. But it’s not all fun and games with YouTube – you have to work hard to make sure your YouTube videos have a decent number of click-through rates. If you want to get views and subscribers for your videos quickly and are willing to invest some money, then this website is more helpful.

If you don’t want to spend the money, here are some practical and easy ways to increase YouTube views and subscribers. If you want to get views and subscribers for your videos quickly and you are willing to invest some money then this website is more helpful for you.

Optimize your thumbnail image and make sure to use tags

Whether your YouTube videos show up on social media, suggested videos list, or Google’s organic results page, a high-quality thumbnail image with clear and readable fonts and close-ups will go a long way to increase the number of views.

How to increase YouTube views: use cards and end screens to promote more videoshow to increase YouTube views

Cards and end screens are two useful YouTube tools that help you drive traffic directly to your videos. Tabs are clickable pop-ups that appear during the video and direct viewers to another video or playlist. But make sure you don’t spam the viewer with cards and direct them to relevant content or provide additional information. Likewise, end screens are a great way to incorporate visual calls to action at the end of the video, letting users know all the relevant details about your channel, recommended videos, playlists, and your website check.

Knowing when to publish your video

YouTube videos track the days, and times your target audience watches your videos. You can easily find out from the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report by accessing it from your channel’s home page. Identifying peak times when your audience is on YouTube allows you to post your content on time so that your viewers can discover your videos and subsequently increase the number of views.

Enable Embedding on Your VideosEnable Embedding on Your Videos

Nothing is more frustrating for a content creator than creating a great video without enabling the embed option. Whenever a viewer clicks the “Share” option under an embedded video, YouTube shows them the “Embed” option. Once users click on it, they can copy the embed code from the video and paste it into their website or blog. Enabling the onboarding feature is an effective way to increase YouTube views and reach new audiences.

Share links to your videos on your social media profiles

Increasing the number of views on YouTube means getting the word out about your new uploaded video. This is where cross-platform communication comes in so that you can share your YouTube video links with your followers on other social media channels. Increase your views by sharing the association as a post or including it in your profile description. A short video teaser can do wonders in directing users to your YouTube content.

Encourage Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

You have to ask them to subscribe at the start and end of each video. But don’t stop there – invite viewers to turn on the notification bell so your subscribers get a notification every time you download new video content.

Create playlists to multiply views

Organize and create video playlists on YouTube to ensure your viewers keep watching your content without quickly switching to another channel. However, make sure that each video in the playlist is unique and continues the previous or following videos. This technique works best for educational or explanatory content that brings together different components to make a whole.

Contact the influencer community to promote your Videos

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular option for brands to reach consumers. Influencers have an integrated audience and a sizeable social media subscriber base who re-share and publish their content and have the potential to increase views and make videos go viral. Since viewers regularly engage with content from their favorite influencers, even a single share of your video can increase the number of views on your video and YouTube channel by leaps and bounds.

Final thought

In an age when the internet is inundated with thousands of content creators, each eager to promote their brand, it can be pretty overwhelming to bring out your identity. While YouTube provides a productive platform for promoting your content, using the right YouTube tactics is essential as creating engaging videos.

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