Want a Career in Security? Check These Options

Written By Alla Levin
October 20, 2021

Want a Career in Security? Check These Options

There are so many options when it comes to working in security. From bounces on the door at a club to high-level cyber security, it’s all an option. Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in criminal activity online, but in-person security is just as important.

One of the most important things is that you decide what form you want your career to take. Do you want to be face-to-face, or would you prefer to work behind a computer screen? Here are some exciting options when it comes to working in security.

Protective services security officer

If you have ever wondered about providing in-person security services, then this is definitely for you usprotective.net not only offers its services but they provide training to potential security officers. 

A protective services security officer is an obvious option; they are sworn-in officers and have many of the powers of a regular police person. They are federal employees and offer high-level security. 

Private investigatorWant a Career in Security Check These Options

A private investigator offers a different type of security to the option above. Well, protective services, the security office physical protection, a private investigator office, a different kind of collateral. They may work for a company or potentially work individually so long as they have a license.

They can convert things like infidelity, child custody cases, theft protection, and more. Getting a private investigator license will vary from state to state; however, if you opt to work for a company, they may sponsor the application. Often, there is a prerequisite for the person applying for the license to have worked ok in a security sector previously.

Information security analyst

And information security analysts will work hard to advance the company’s goals that they work for by keeping the information safe from cyber attacks and hacking. One of the most exciting things is that the job outlook for this position is excellent; there is expected to be a faster growth rate than the average information technology job rate.

Information security analysts often have one of the most competitive salaries, which makes this one super interesting. This is not to be confused with a network security administrator, as the network security administrator will work with its service and routers to ensure that it is watertight.

Security architectSecurity architect

A security architect is a person that does designs all of the security solutions for a company. They do this by highlighting all of the security challenges that the business bases and constructing a framework to prevent criminal cyber-attacks. The high salary highly incentivizes a security architect. However, they are tech experts within their organization.

When it comes to working in security, there are so many options. And once you have a background in some protection, you can check out even more security options. From malware analysts to personal bodyguards, there are options for everybody. 

It is said that people who go into careers as security often have some protective instincts as their primary personal attributes, so if this sounds like you are perhaps, it’s time that you started investigating your options. 

Not sure it is for you? Check out the Career Archives. 

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