Damteq GP TechDonut: The Best Options For Live Chat

Written By Alla Levin
October 20, 2021
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Damteq GP TechDonut: The Best Options For Live Chat

Did you know that more than 67% of users on eCommerce websites abandon their shopping baskets without checking out? That’s because there are so many options available to everyone today. As a result, users spend more time at the very top of the funnel, in the consideration phase. They’re more likely to add to the basket or fill out a form and then abandon the action to research another company or just because they got distracted.

One of the key things you can do to mitigate goal abandonment is to provide live chats.  Customers want to have all their questions answered instantly, so they have no uncertainty with their desired purchases.

Using live chat software helps you address pain points instantly. This allows the business to capture revenue with less investment in things like remarketing. Thus, better return on investment for your business.

A website development agency can install live chat features and help you make better decisions that help your site convert even more users. Here are our recommendations:


It’s important to give your customers a good user experience whilst improving your website goals and revenue. Once you invest in a secure live chat service, you will see a higher engagement from your buyers.

Drift’s live chat service allows its customers to ‘build playbooks’ (this encourages customers to click the live chat widget) to target open opportunities as soon as they return to the website. Each customer is transferred to the person who specializes in a particular topic, like account executives. Using chats, calls, and partnering with Zoom, they span across every verbal communication option to ensure that the customer gets the best experience before purchasing anything.

Drift targets each site’s best visitors and accounts – they introduced a feature to send their returning customers a personalized message to schedule a meeting with the business. Drift will notify their sales reps once the targeted accounts are live on the website so that the team can jump straight onto a chat with the customer. If no one is available, Drift will book a meeting for a later time. Their forward-thinking has allowed special and loyal customers to get the recognition they deserve for returning to the website.

Drift gives your business an insight into engagements, metrics, insights, and analytics so that you can constantly optimize and improve both your marketing and sales department.


HubSpot’s live chat software converts visitors to customers from existing website traffic. It helps you to understand and improve user intent, behavior, marketing channels, and company information. They can navigate customers to other services within the company and pass those new leads to the salesperson that specializes in that area.

The chat is integrated with a ‘chatbot builder’ that is free to use and can be installed with no coding required – this will help you create leads, book meetings, and provide all the information your customers need. HubSpot has a free CRM, so these chatbots can deliver a more personalized experience based on the information the system already knows about the user.

With the ability to customize the chat widgets and match the look of your brand, you can connect with the site visitors who matter – especially those who engage with your website the most.

Options for Live Chat: LiveChat

LiveChat is the leader for all live chat software currently. It’s easy to set up and has a free plugin for WordPress too. It offers a wonderful design with live chat support apps that you and your team can use on all mobile devices. This means that you can chat with your customers without having to log into the CMS constantly.

A key feature of this service is that you can add survey forms before and after each chat to see how your team and company are performing during each conversation. Livechat also integrates with other services like Hubspot, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Analytics, and email marketing services!

One of their best features is speed. Their chat window loads up extremely quickly and offers a brilliant user experience than other chat software. The integration of their live chat can match any website branding due to its variety of customization features.

Options For Live Chat: Which Live Chat System is Best?Options For Live Chat

The best live chat will always be the one that suits your company the most. All the chat solutions mentioned here are just a guide, there are plenty of other alternatives, but these stood out to us.

For smaller businesses, LiveChat is a brilliant option to choose as they are one of the most top-rated systems for live chats and an easy and simple beginner software to navigate around.

Drift focuses on user experience and makes the customer feel as comfortable and understood as possible. Ultimately, this may be the winner because the entire point of a live chat is to meet the needs of your returning and potential customers. Moreover, user experience is becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for SEO.

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