How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help If You’re Out of Job Due to a Workplace Injury?

Written By Alla Levin
October 21, 2021

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help If You’re Out of Job Due to a Workplace Injury?

Over 73% of Bensalems’s total population is employed. When you are injured on the job, your first thought is often of getting well and going back to work. Many people want to return to their jobs as soon as possible after an injury to maintain financial independence and recoup lost wages.

At the same time, employees must understand that if they cannot work because of a workplace injury or illness, they could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, providing income replacement and funding medical expenses related to their injuries. An expert workers’ compensation lawyer Bensalem, PA, can help you claim due compensation.

What to Do If You Are Injured at Work

After your injury, speak with your doctor about what kind of treatment you will need before worrying about what comes next. At this point, you have a few different options: seek treatment yourself or work with your employer’s worker’s compensation insurer to be treated.

If you choose the latter route, connecting with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who knows how to navigate the system and advocate on your behalf can pay off.

Workers’ Compensation Law Tips for Bensalem, PA EmployersWorkers' Compensation Law Tips for Bensalem, PA Employers

There are over 2100 employers in Bensalem. If you are one of them, workers’ compensation is designed to protect you from financial loss if an injury causes your employees’ temporary or permanent inability to work.

All businesses must comply with Pennsylvania’s worker’s compensation laws. This includes providing employees with honest job descriptions to know what injuries they could sustain while performing specific tasks at work. For example, if someone works close to heavy equipment, they need to know the dangers of operating such equipment.

By understanding these risks ahead of time, an employee can intercept a hazardous situation before it becomes dangerous or choose another position within your business that doesn’t pose similar threats. Additionally, it is essential to teach employees how to operate stationary equipment safely.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law FAQs: What Are the Benefits Available under Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation provides eligible workers with several benefits, including medical expenses, partial wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation services, and death benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Bensalem, PA, can educate you on these laws.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

If you sustain a workplace illness or injury, your employer’s worker’s compensation insurer must pay all necessary medical expenses related to the injury. If you cannot work due to your injury, your employer will have to provide you with temporary disability payments until you can work again at full capacity.

However, if you face permanent disability or illness due to your work injury, you could be eligible for permanent disability benefits or a lump-sum compensation amount to help you survive and pay all your bills, including medical bills, without your job.

How Long Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Last?

If your injury is not considered minor (there are no visible signs of your injury or you can still perform all of your job duties), then the claim cannot be closed until you return to work or reach maximum medical improvement, which means that it is unlikely that further medical procedures will improve your condition.

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