Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Schedule

Written By Alla Levin
October 28, 2021

How to Set a Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date maintenance schedule is a must for heavy-duty truck owners. Owners are strongly advised to have their truck maintenance procedures handled by professionals to obtain the best results.

But due to the improvement in the truck sales in Sydney, more heavy-duty trucks are expected to be sold. Thus, truck owners in the future might need to compete to obtain the service of the best truck maintenance services providers.

Considering the said scenario, heavy-duty truck owners should establish a good working relationship with the best maintenance providers in their area. Aside from that, they can also subscribe to various packaged vehicle maintenance deals offered by service providers. By doing this, their trucks will immediately get the services whenever they need them.

Common Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Procedures

Typically, a heavy-duty truck requires a long list of maintenance procedures to ensure that it is in good shape and will deliver the expected performance. However, truck owners are encouraged to prioritize some of the said procedures over others. Among the few procedures that must not be overlooked during the scheduled truck maintenance are the following.

Fluid ChangeHeavy Duty Truck Maintenance

Changing the fluids of a heavy-duty truck should be done during scheduled maintenance or when needed. The frequency of changing the truck’s essential fluids depends on a few factors. First is the total number of miles the truck has covered since its fluids were last changed. Second is the weight of the loads that the truck carries regularly. The third is the driving that the vehicle is subjected to (was it driven on the highway, city traffic, dusty roads, or others).

Most of the time, knowing whether some of the truck’s fluid requires changing or not is determined upon checking. Given that the needed checks require expertise, it is best to have this conducted by a professional. For best results, stick to the changing fluids suggestions provided by the manufacturer is strongly advised.

Filter Check

An excellent heavy-duty truck maintenance checklist should always include a filter check. This is because most of the filters used on the truck play crucial roles in allowing the vehicle to deliver the best performance. A good example of this is the oil filter. The filter needs to be replaced quite often and usually changed during the oil change.

The air filter should also be checked constantly. The filter needs to be checked, cleaned, and replaced when needed. This is because the performance of this filter affects the truck’s fuel consumption and running performance. Clogged air filters are proven to reduce a truck’s fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Tyre Pressure Checks

Checking the pressure of the truck’s tire is every driver’s responsibility. However, this should also be checked during maintenance procedures. The check should be conducted to ensure that the vehicle has all the needed load-carrying, braking, and traction capabilities. Also, checking the tire pressure and keeping it at prescribed levels help the truck maximize fuel economy and help tires avoid uneven wear.

Tire Checks

The tires of a heavy-duty truck should also be checked during maintenance. Doing this allows the replacement of old tires with uneven wear with new ones. Defective tires should be replaced immediately as these affect the truck’s performance and compromise the driver’s safety. Aside from doing the tire inspection during maintenance, this should be done by truck drivers regularly.

Brake Inspection

Checking the brakes of a heavy-duty truck is very important. This is because the brakes are responsible for placing the vehicle to stop when needed. Thus, the brakes should be inspected regularly to ensure that they work well. For best results, these should be replaced upon reaching the minimum wear condition and be subjected to appropriate repair or adjustment to ensure that they provide the best braking performance.

Battery Load TestExterior Lighting Check

The electrical system is usually put to the test during long-distance drives and frequent start-stop conditions. Due to these, the performance of the vehicle’s battery could fluctuate. That’s why the battery and alternator of the truck should be checked during its regular maintenance schedule.

Exterior Lighting Check

The truck’s exterior lighting should be regularly checked to ensure that they are working well. This is because ensuring that the essential exterior lights, such as the hazard, brake, and signal, are working prevents the driver from getting pulled over. A simple walk-around check of the exterior lightings should be included in the truck’s preventive maintenance checklist to get the best results.


Having a regular heavy-duty truck maintenance schedule is something that vehicle owners should not dare to miss. It is an excellent way to ensure that their vehicles are safe to drive and will not pose risks to other motorists. Also, it is highly recommended that professional service shops should handle all the routine maintenance procedures.

These shops have all the necessary tools needed for maintenance and highly trained personnel who can accomplish the job well. With such a service, heavy-duty truck owners are guaranteed to achieve the desired optimal outcomes.

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