8 Essential Office Appliances for Small Business

Written By Alla Levin
October 30, 2021

8 Essential Office Appliances for Small Business

Every small business owner fears having to spend more than necessary on equipment. However, having the right office equipment will give your business a more professional look and make the day-to-day working routine easier.

A small business does not require a lot of appliances, but there are specific tools you cannot avoid. Here are 8 essential office appliances for small businesses. You can find a lot of Business plans online for free at Template.net which you can edit online in all formats including Ms Word, google docs, google sheets, pdf, etc.

Business Telephone System

Effective communication is essential for every business. You and your staff will need to communicate with each other, with clients and vendors. A telephone system offers a more personal way of communicating than emails or memos. You should choose the telephone system that best fits your company’s needs and purposes.

The three most popular telephone systems are the traditional, on-Premises PBX, the VoIP PBX, and the hosted VoIP phone system, the most modern and flexible type.

Essential Office Appliances for Small Business: ComputersEssential Office Appliances for Small Business

I cannot overstate this. Leveraging information to your advantage begins with purchasing suitable computers for your business. You can choose between desktop computers or laptops with good configuration and a docking station.

Computers help speed up your work process expediting the creation and completion of presentations, reports, spreadsheets and, more. They also accelerate business-related communication through email, CRM systems, VoIP calling applications, and business communication software. Of course, you also need to invest in software applications that will maximize your computer’s purpose.

Printers and Photocopiers

Every office should have a printer and photocopier. You need to convert electronically stored information into paper and replicate documents whenever you need to. A multifunction printer that can scan, copy, print, and fax is a good option as it saves time, space, and money.

Before buying a new printer, make sure that the one that you have chosen is the one that will cover all your needs. If you have a small business and do not want to spend a lot of money and save space, having a multifunctional office printer is a necessity. On the other hand, if you have your own small advertising company you can add a large format printer to your essential equipment for offering your customers high-quality advertising boards.

When choosing a printer, there are many factors to consider. Look for a moderately sized printer that will not take up a lot of office space. The best solution for SMBs is multipurpose printers with automatic document feeders. Purchasing a printer can be a huge expense, especially for new or small businesses, so printer leasing can be the preferable option for many.

ShreddersEssential Office Appliances for Small Business

As much as we love to generate paper, sometimes we need to destroy it. If sensitive information gets into the wrong hands, it could be devastating for both you and your clients. Shredders make it easier to destroy confidential documents such as customer lists, employee records, secret memos, and other documents.

Shredders are also a tidier way of getting rid of documents you no longer need. There are two main types of shredders. There are simple shredders that can be placed over a wastebasket. The other heavy-duty types are capable of shredding multiple pages, papers, and plastic cards. Choose the preferred tool that fits the nature of your business.


It’s not enough to have only computers in your office; projectors are also a must. Projectors ease the sharing of information, communication, and collaboration. Why print a document to share with all team members at the meeting when it could be displayed to everyone electronically?

Video projectors—currently the most used projectors—help speed up the visual presentation of ideas to employees and clients. They are a great tool to improve the flow of meetings.

Internet Connection Devices

If your business maintains an online presence, you need quick and steady access to the internet. A wired internet connection may be a better option for your business than a wireless connection. It increases efficiency, reduces cost, and provides an uninterrupted internet connection (if the server is a broadband connection).

Internet connection devices you will need include a modem, router, firewall, switch, LAN cable/patch cable, access point, repeater, and patch panel. Depending on the complexity of your computer network, you may also need an on-site server.

Kitchen Appliances

As strange as it may seem, kitchen supplies are now essential in the office space. Coffee machines and water dispensers are simple, inexpensive appliances that are a must-have for every office. Offering your employees free water and coffee will keep them motivated and improve morale. A refrigerator is also a good idea for staff to store their snacks and beverages.

To ensure a clean drinking water supply in your office, you can install a countertop water filter in your kitchen space. This point-of-use water filtration system takes up minimal space, is affordable, and is easy to set up. You will need to explore the available options in the market to find the best countertop water filter for your business.

Storage Equipment

Safe and secure storage of information is vital for every business. Electronic storage has the advantages of being better organized, easy to access, and saves office space. There are two types of electronic storage that every business should consider: hardware storage devices and cloud storage.

Hardware devices such as USB drives and external hard drives give you prompt access to your data without internet access. On the other hand, Cloud storage requires the licensing of cloud server space or the purchase of personal servers to store data. Many email service providers like Microsoft and Google provide decent cloud storage for users. Other storage options include Dropbox, Idrive, and pCloud.

It is advisable always to have a backup of the original document when saving to a flash disk. There are many portable and inexpensive types available. External hard drives are larger and are great for backing up documents stored on your computer’s internal hard drive. Invest in acquiring these devices to ensure information security in your business.

Office appliances for small business: To Sum It Up

Acquiring the right office appliances will help your small business run smoothly and efficiently. The needs of your employees and business should always be kept in mind when deciding. A well-equipped office will give your business a professional look, and your staff will be more satisfied and productive.

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