3 Free Advertising Lessons from Online Casinos

Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2020

Operating a Business: Advertising Lessons That Can Be Learned From Online Casinos

One of the most intimidating factors about operating a business is born from the world of advertising.

Often asking us to step outside our area of expertise, drawing in additional attention from this arena can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.

However, by using online casinos as an example, we’ve come up with a few key lessons which your business can adapt, without spending a single pound.

Starting with Facebook

While most of this article will be built around social media, it’s important to remember that not all social media services are created equal.

Facebook is still the biggest name in this game, which has a reach that far exceeds any of its contemporaries.

Because of this, it should be the default platform on which your free advertising systems are based.

As a baseline, you should begin by ensuring that your Facebook business account reflects your business sensibilities and style as much as possible.

For a casino website, this usually includes heavy use of traditional casino images like slots and tokens, to draw as much of a mental bridge between the page and their business as possible.

Many businesses are content to sit at the bare minimum in this regard, and this should be avoided.

While basic operational information and product details are indeed necessary, only through graphical customisation can the best results occur?

Instead of slots and casino games, change your banner to a shot of your business interior.

Instead of only detailing casino promotions like free spins and deposit bonuses, list timed specials and seasonal offers.

Instead of showing players, consider testimonials from satisfied customers. There is a lot of variety here based on your business type and the image you want to project, so get creative.

Expanding Social Media Operating a BusinessExpanding Social Media Operating a Business

Once you have the cornerstone of your social media empire in a workable state, it can be a great idea to move into other arms of the sector.

For example, with online casinos, the likes of Instagram and YouTube are often relied on to show new software releases in action.

For your business, this could better take the form of showing off new products and unboxings, or taking snapshots of work in progress builds for larger projects.

Joining Local Websites and Groups

Social media might be the modern backbone of online advertising, but that doesn’t mean that more traditional websites should be ignored.

Casinos are a great example of where advertising and businesses can operate in a symbiotic relationship, where online casinos are supported by comparison websites, and comparison websites are supported by online casinos.

While websites on this scale might not exist for your industry, general review sites like Google and Tripadvisor can still play the part.

Search around, ask for your inclusion on relevant pages, be sure to link your social media, and you could draw in a whole new range of customers.

Stay ActiveOperating a Business

Once you’ve put in the legwork to getting started, you need to remember to never get complacent.

The best online casinos are those which consistently update their social media and business contacts, and you should follow the same pattern.

It can take as little as a few minutes at the end of the day or work week, and the results will be worth it.

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