How To Improve Your Business Food Safety and Hygiene

Written By Alla Levin
October 30, 2021

How To Improve Your Business Food Safety and Hygiene

When you run a business that has a place in the hospitality industry, you know that you will need to adhere to certain restaurant guidelines to be taken seriously. There is a lot at stake for a business in this industry, especially when this industry has a high staff and business turnover rate. 

You want to do all that you can to make sure that yours is a business that doesn’t fold too early, and it’s for this reason you have to improve where you can on your business health, hygiene, and food safety. 

For example, when you run a restaurant, you want people to enjoy every part of the experience. They could probably cook the food you make in their own homes, but people go to restaurants for the full experience of being out in the world and seeing what it has to offer. They love service, and they love knowing that someone else is going to be cooking for them.

The thing is, if your business is unsafe when it comes to food, no one is going to eat there, and you’re going to get shut down. You need to know how you can improve your business food safety and hygiene. From the regular cleaning of the floors to the hood cleaning service you could pay for to help your business to thrive, you can ensure that your business is exactly as it should be.

Below, we’ve put together some of the things you could be doing to improve your business food safety and hygiene so that people will want to keep coming back for more.

Consider the location of your establishment

When you open a cafe, bar, or restaurant, location is one of the most important considerations that you have to make. You want to know the hotspots for pests, and you want to know where the places are to avoid things like contamination.

You want to know that you haven’t just opened a business in a location that could bring it back down again. Contamination of your food and cooking spaces can shut you down and bring you back to square one. You want a business premise that’s easy to maintain, safe for all those working within the facility, and it has to meet the local government food safety standards.

Ensure your machinery is in good shape

A big way your business can benefit and improve health and safety standards is by ensuring that the equipment and machinery used is the best around. You want equipment that’s built to last, easy to use, and conforms with the food and safety standards you’ve been accustomed to using.

You can find the best equipment out there and ensure that you maintain it to its highest standards, and this will ensure that you have a smooth and easy flow of production in your kitchen. You can take a look at these commercial coffee machines for an example of some of the best equipment out there. 

Don’t forget to pay for a cleaning team. Is there really any point in owning a food establishment if you don’t plan to pay the best team out there to keep it clean? It would help if you had people who can get into the nitty-gritty of your business, and that means finding people who are experienced with dealing with food preparation areas.

They’ll know the best ways to get into difficult-to-reach places. A cleaning team has to be certified in food hygiene standards, so it’s important to check the teams’ qualifications that you’ve been looking into. Along with hiring the best team, you should have them clean and disinfect the space regularly! 

Design your production line

Your kitchen has to run correctly, and for you to maintain good hygiene and safety standards, you have to choose a production line and machinery that will help you guide your business in the right way. The better organized your production line, the more you can keep on top of a clean cooking routine.

This means fewer spills, less mess, and an easy way to keep the space clean. Choose your equipment wisely, too. This way, you can be sure that you pick items of equipment that are graded to be good for food preparation. 

Make sure that you train your employees. You want to know that you have trained your employees in the right health and safety regulations. They need to know how to operate the machinery properly as well as clean up after themselves. Therefore, all of your workers must have the right personal hygiene training about the kitchen environment.

While you may be able to offer some in-house training, it is worth enrolling your employees in a food handler training course. After the completion of the course, the training provider will provide a certificate, that will be necessary for the safe operation of your business.

All workers need to have the right clothing and hair protection, and they also need to learn proper food handling. There should be training on cross-contamination, too, so that no staff who come to work turn up unable actually to work! There is no room for illness in your business – make that clear.

Ensure that you book maintenance of your equipment and machineryEnsure that you book maintenance of your equipment and machinery

All of the things you cook within your business need to be maintained to the highest possible standard. They need to continue to work for a long time so that you don’t have to keep replacing your things. You want to ensure that food is cooked safely from the very beginning, and it’s vital that you do this so that you don’t poison your guests!

Pay for waste management. As a business that handles and prepares food, you will also come across plenty of information out there about waste management. You need to ensure that the pests don’t get in, the maggots don’t breed, and the rats don’t multiply in your food stores. To ensure that this isn’t the case, you need to research and pay for good waste management companies to safely and hygienically remove your trash.

The most important thing about improving your business food safety and hygiene is education. Not only do you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing, but you also want to ensure that your customers have faith in you that you know what you’re doing.

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