do solar phone chargers really work
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Do Solar Phone Chargers Really Work?

Dealing with a low battery phone on a long trip or during an outage can be a disappointing experience, especially when you need to make an emergency call. If you fall into such a situation, a solar power charger will be a good solution.

Generally, a solar power charger gathers energy from the sun and turns it into electricity. The generated power helps to charge your phone. As the sun is an inexhaustible, renewable energy source, this charger is completely eco-friendly and safe to use.

If you are willing to know whether solar phone chargers really work or not, then keep reading this article; you will find the relevant answer here.

What Is a Solar Phone Charger and How Does it Work?

A solar phone charger is a compact device that uses a solar panel to generate power. This portable device doesn’t require any external power source to operate. Basically, this charger receives the sun’s rays through its solar panel and converts them into electricity.

When the protons from the sunlight fall on the solar panel, they are exploited by the photovoltaic cell. That happens because solar cells are made by semiconducting elements such as silicon. Later the absorbed photons are converted to electrons that flow on the semiconductor. These free electrons generate electricity that helps to charge your cell phone.

Advantages of Using the Solar Phone Chargersdo solar phone chargers really work

Using solar phone chargers will provide you with several benefits. Here we have described some major advantages of using a solar phone charger.

  • Solar energy is a clean power source without the release of any harmful gases into the environment. So, using a solar phone charger to power your phone is completely eco-friendly.
  • This portable device is a perfect power source in a remote place where the power source is not available. Using sunlight, you can charge your phone anytime and anywhere.
  • A solar phone charger doesn’t require any additional accessories. You don’t have to be concerned about the cost; you have to buy the solar power charger one time.
  • Solar chargers have multiple charging ports so that you can power multiple devices simultaneously.

Do Solar Phone Chargers Really Work?

In short, yes, solar phone chargers do work. Solar technology the charger uses is definitely viable for charging your mobile devices. As the charger’s function completely depends on the sun, you can charge your phone anytime. This charger not only powers your phone; it also charges other small electronic devices like handheld GPS, lanterns, and flashlights.

However, a solar phone charger will provide slower charging speeds when it doesn’t get sufficient sunlight. Most of the solar phone chargers work efficiently only under direct and intense sunlight. Besides, you will find several low-cost solar phone chargers that work even in cloudy conditions.

Although solar phone chargers work very well, they have a few limitations. Firstly, a solar charger cannot be compared to a regular AC charger. These chargers are not as powerful as ordinary chargers. Secondly, a solar phone charger provides minimal power suitable for charging the phone instead of charging a phone’s dead battery.

Which Panel Is Good for Solar Powered Phone Charger

Solar phone chargers use three different types of solar panels: CIGS, polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels. CIGS panels are the most flexible and made of a thin film of indium, selenide, gallium, and copper. Although these panels are lightweight and cheap, their efficiency is low.

Polycrystalline panels look blue and are made with multiple crystal ingots, which are somewhat less expensive to buy. On the other hand, monocrystalline panels are made from a single crystal ingot, making the panel significantly more flexible and durable. This panel can reach efficiency values ​​over 25%, whereas polycrystalline panels are below 20%.

Do I Need Direct Sunlight to Use a Solar Powered Phone Charger?

Whether you need direct sunlight to use a solar phone charger depends on which charger model you buy. Some models require direct bright sunlight, while quality chargers will be able to charge your phone even on cloudy days. In general, solar phone chargers work best in direct sunlight, especially when large solar panels.

On the other hand, solar phone chargers are smaller like the portable type, insufficient to generate too much electricity. This is because small and portable solar chargers are not enough to get sunlight into the solar panel. Some solar phone chargers are designed to collect enough light due to their large solar panels so that you can charge your phone on overcast days.

What Features Should You Look for in a Solar Phone Charger?Do I Need Direct Sunlight to Use a Solar Powered Phone Charger

Here we have described several factors of the solar phone charger that you should consider before choosing one. Let see what these are:


Choose a charger that is powerful enough to charge your phone in insufficient time.  At least 7 watts is required if you wish to charge a phone. Besides, for charging multiple devices, you will need 15 watts or higher.


Solar phone chargers come in various designs and sizes, so you have to choose the suitable one. Some chargers have several solar panels with a folded facility that contains a large surface area to produce much power. Besides, single panel chargers are suitable to charge one phone.

Solar Panel

The efficiency of the solar phone charger mainly depends on its sonar panel. Most of the solar phone chargers available in the marketplace are made of crystalline silicon. But monocrystalline panels are great at producing electricity even in low sunlight conditions.


Durability is one of the significant concerns of using a solar phone charger. Some chargers are so weak that they can break if you drop them once. In general, the quality chargers are good enough to be long-lasting.

Is a Solar Phone Charger Worth It?

If we consider all the advantages, buying a solar phone charger is definitely worth it. This charger’s cost is nothing as it enables you to charge your phone during power outages or traveling time. Besides, it is a completely guilt-free device that doesn’t impact the environment.

Using this charger, you don’t have to find out any power source. It only requires rays of sunlight to produce power.  So you can easily charge your phone anytime and anywhere using sunlight.

Do Solar Phone Chargers Really Work: Conclusion

Who spend most of their time outside, whether camping or traveling, a solar power charger is handy for keeping the device’s battery charged. However, some people are confused about whether solar chargers will really work.

We hope this article has dispelled the confusion by providing adequate information about solar phone chargers. In general, solar phone chargers use energy from the sun to produce electricity that helps you to charge your phone. If you think you need such a charger, consider the factors discussed above before purchasing one.

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