Cold Weather Activities
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Best Cold Weather Activities To Do Outside

Don’t let the cold keep you inside all fall and winter! There are tons of fun outdoor activities to partake in by yourself or with friends and family. From skiing to ice skating, dog sledding, and ice fishing, you can keep yourself busy all winter with outdoor activities. 

Wondering which winter sports and thrills to try first? Here’s a quick guide with some of the most popular cold-weather activities to do outside.

Ice Skating

It’s that time of year — time to swap out your skate shoes and skateboard for ice skates. Ice skating is a holiday pastime that shouldn’t be missed. Many cities will set up an outdoor ice skating rink just for the winter, which is a great way to bring people together and foster a sense of fun on a community level. Whether you’re careening around the ice under the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree or holding hands with your loved one at your local rink, ice skating is pure joy in the winter.


Whether you’re a regular on the slopes or you want to take some adult beginner lessons in skiing or snowboarding, the snowy season is your chance to enjoy gliding down the mountains.

You’ll want to tailor your activity to your level, choosing mountains and trails that are easier if you are a newbie or more challenging if you are more experienced. New skiers and snowboarders can benefit greatly from taking lessons while adults looking for fun, moderate to advanced level skiing can find a group to join. You can also try cross-country skiing if that is something that appeals to you.

Ice Fishing

Have you ever tried ice fishing? If you have a lake or river near your home that freezes over in the winter, you can have a go at this beloved sport. To go ice fishing, you will need the proper gear, including a drill to create the hole from which you will pull fish. It’s best to go ice fishing with a trained guide to make sure you follow all the proper safety regulations when you are starting. 

Snow ShoeingSnow Shoeing

There’s a tranquil beauty to nature during the colder months when the snow is glistening, and all is quiet on the mountain. Hiking in the colder months can be delightful and a great form of exercise, particularly if you are snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is relatively inexpensive, and it burns more calories than cross country skiing or running! If you are planning to go hiking through the snow, you should give snowshoeing a try, as snowshoes keep your feet from sinking while you walk. 

Polar Bear Plunge

If you’re up for it, a polar bear plunge into the cold water at a beach or lake can be a really rejuvenating experience. Polar bear plunges are often organized for large groups to raise money for a charity, but you can also do one on your own for the potential benefits it provides to the body.

Not only does a polar bear plunge wake you up, but many people believe that exposing yourself to freezing water for a short period of time can improve circulation and reduce inflammation. However, you shouldn’t do an ice bath or polar plunge if you have a heart condition, as it is definitely a shock to your system. 

Cold Weather Activities: Visit a Holiday Market

In many towns and cities worldwide, you’ll find wonderful holiday decorations, displays, and markets. Spending an afternoon walking around and viewing these local holiday traditions is great for the spirit. Find unique presents for your loved ones, enjoy a warm mug of mulled cider, and enjoy the glow of Christmas tree lights and candles at your local holiday market.

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