7 Hot Backyard Patio Ideas for the Ultimate in Summer Fun

Written By Alla Levin
February 28, 2019
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Summer Fun: Hot Backyard Patio Ideas

It’s been a long winter.

Are you tired of staying indoors, all cooped up and unable to enjoy the heat of the sun? Fortunately, summer is soon upon us, with June marking the beginning of the new season.

Do you stay indoors or do you attempt to socialize outside?

The great idea is to redecorate your patio into a cool place where you can hang out despite the heat. Here are some backyard patio ideas you can use if you’re thinking of upgrading yours.

Put Lounge Chairs and Other SeatsLounge Chairs

If your patio looks out to a nice view, put out some matching lounge chairs so you can enjoy it with a company. Make it comfortable enough that you’ll enjoy lounging outside even in hot weather.

If your patio is large enough, you can divide it into different seating areas. Put a couch and chair set in one area, then some lounge chairs in the other, and if your backyard patio still has some space, outdoor dining set in another area.

This allows you to accommodate large groups of people in your patio should you decide to hold a summer party in your home. You’ll all be able to enjoy the view while you chat away with drinks and food outside.

Decorate it With Plants and FlowersBackyard Patio Ideas_2

If you don’t have a view, though, make your patio the view by setting up a garden. Hanging plants is a good idea if you’re short on space, but make sure to choose ones that are appropriate for patios.

Bougainvillea is popular in beautiful patios as they add a burst of color and they can be as lush as you want them to be. Geraniums are great as patio plants, too, as well as Gardenia and Cosmos. Angelonia and Plumbago are especially good with heat; you can be sure they’ll survive throughout the summer months as long as you take good care of them.

If you like to cook, plant some herbs, too, such as parsley, mint, and rosemary. You might want to choose a plant that helps keep bugs out, though. All sorts of bugs are out during the summer, and having some plants in your patio might attract them.

Set Up a Dining Area for Breakfasts and DinnersDining Area for Breakfasts and Dinners

The patio is great for relaxing, but it’s also a great place to hang out with friends and family. Invite them over for dinner and cook up a refreshing menu. Serve the fruits and vegetables of the season, as well as sweet desserts.

You don’t even have to invite people over. You can opt to eat your breakfasts outside with a cold brew in hand. While it may be too hot at lunchtime to dine out, mornings and nights are great times for enjoying the summer breeze.

Choose matching tables and chairs, and choose cool colors like blue. If you can, find café furniture pieces to make it feel more like dining out. It would also be better if you can find tables that you can push together if there’s a lot of people coming over.

Install a ShadeInstall a Shade

If you want to lounge on the patio while the sun is out, install a nice shade if it doesn’t have one already. A pergola is a good choice for the aesthetics, but they’re pretty functional, too, as you can hang some things from it. You can hang lights, for example, and plants can even crawl into it.

If you need more shade or if you need protection from the rain, you can even install a retractable canopy. Retract if you want to enjoy the sun but if it becomes too overwhelming, open it and you can still enjoy the summer breeze.

Set Up an Entertainment SystemEntertainment System

A few gripes some people have with patios is that they can’t watch their favorite shows outside unless they’re available on their smartphones or laptops. Solve this problem by installing a television outside. Better yet, turn your patio into an outdoor entertainment area by also setting up stereo sounds and even a bar.

You’ll be able to root for your favorite team while lounging in your patio. If you have a console, you can also bring it outside to play games outside while enjoying the summer sun.

Create a Mood Using LightingOutdoor-Patio-Design

Don’t forget to add lighting to create a mood during those summer nights. String lights are simple additions, yet they make for a wonderful display at night. It can even create a romantic atmosphere should you want to enjoy a nice dinner on your patio.

Apart from that, lights will also increase safety. Add some lights on the stairs to make sure your relaxing nights remain accident-free.

Make sure to get lighting that’s suitable for outdoors, though, and choose ones that don’t add much to your electricity bill.

Install a Chic HammockChic Hammock

During the summer months, all people think about is going on a vacation. That’s not always possible, so why not have a mini vacation on your patio instead?

Get a chic hammock and install it along with other nature-inspired furniture. Make your own patio a summer paradise, and complete the experience with fruit shakes. Bring out a book, take a sip of your refreshing drink, and nap like you don’t have chores to do once you get up and get back inside your house.

It would help if you have a wide patio, which will bring a sense of openness. If you have some space, expand your patio by contacting a professional to install pavers. You can learn more here.

Try These Backyard Patio Ideas Today!

Did any of these backyard patio ideas strike your fancy? These should help you come up with some great design choices!

If you’re looking for more guides, feel free to check our other blog posts today. We have one here listing some tips on how to spend your summer!

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