The Utility of an Interactive Walkthrough and How it Helps Users

Written By Alla Levin
November 01, 2021

The Utility of an Interactive Walkthrough and How it Helps Users

Walkthrough software is a viable option for companies who are exploring opportunities of implementing a new form of enterprise application in an organization. It could be in the form of a Saas for developing their product.  Providing support and onboarding of users is a challenging task. You have only a single chance to develop an impression of your software. If it becomes challenging, they would not be coming back.

If you happen to be a large company, lack of implementation could lead to loss of productivity. It is not forgetting to mention the wasted money on the training and software. If you are using a SaaS product when users would bail out after a poor software experience you end up losing a customer. Once people are not aware of how to use software they would not be simply using it.

By opting for an interactive walkthrough software, it counters numerous product adoption challenges and works towards improving your onboarding working experience. But before we use a walkthrough software there are a few pointers to consider.

More about an interactive software

Interactive software enables users to adjust to a new program or process where on-screen guidance is provided. A pop-up balloon would showcase what a user has to click and deliver instructions next. An interactive workflow is part of the onboarding and training process. The popular types include

  • A product tour that enables a new user on how to navigate an application;
  • The process flow allows a user to reach a task quickly;
  • The feature introduction shows existing users to indicate how a new feature would work.

Utility of an interactive walkthrough: how software walkthrough would help a userUtility of an interactive walkthrough

An interactive software would make onboarding and adopting software an easy task. The software tour has an experienced guide sitting in front of you and providing them with an idea of using this application.

Even the best software would be challenging to master at an initial level. A quality product tour may help a novice like an expert. Think on the lines of tax preparation software, and most of the people who use the software are not accountants. You cannot consider them to be tax experts.

The question is how a tax professional competes with the tax without the aid of a professional. Software may make the task easier by asking questions whereby the users are guided. Usually, the entire program could be a walkthrough for the users. A  walkthrough software would enable you to develop interactive software where there is no need to code and program for yourself. Serving as a layer, it would be sitting on top of any web-based application.

The features that you need to consider in a walkthrough software

There are numerous digital application tools; it is fundamental to choose one that aligns with your needs. With the help of the below checklist, it becomes easy to figure out whether you have gone on to make the correct decision or not.

  • Segmentation of audience – make it a point that the platform would customize a workflow based on user groups or workflows;
  • Multi-language support – make it a point that you may be able to develop content across all languages which you support;
  • Mobile support– there are some lower-end applications, and for desktop applications, it would enable the creation of guided workflows. If a user base accesses your application in an app or a mobile browser, make it a point to formulate content for the same.

To sum up, the ease of developing guided tours and workflows depends on the software you have chosen. To make sure that you obtain the most from your walkthrough software, you must prioritize each content creator. It is not time-consuming or a significant challenge to develop a guided workflow. It would create less content.

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