5 Incredible Importance of Construction Estimating Software

Written By Alla Levin
November 01, 2021

5 Incredible Importance of Construction Estimating Software

Our world has been integrated with highly advanced technology in all corners, and the construction industry is no exception. A project management survey showed that over 56% of American construction companies have already invested in effective construction software, with others soon to follow. Not only does this software make the lives of builders and on-site project managers much easier, but they also offer a way to optimize your resources, labor, time, and capital for better use.

If you’re considering bringing in construction estimating software to your project site, here are some features to look out for.

Top Features of Construction Software that You Must Know: Equipment and Fleet Tracking

No matter how large-scale or small your construction business may be, your projects are worth a lot of money. We’re talking about thousands and millions of dollars in equipment, fleet, and machinery that must be accounted for, distributed in different locations, and maintained regularly.

Trying to manage all this manually doesn’t just take excessive time; it is also inefficient to use up labor and working capital. Instead, you should be investing in comprehensive construction software with reliable GPS abilities to streamline workflow and ensure uninterrupted site work.

Automating your equipment and fleet tracking needs ensures easy search and distribution of resources in the right place and at the right time.

Service ManagementService Management

Another quite important feature of highly-functional construction software is service management. Your software should manage and dispatch all work orders, allocate assets meaningfully, manage contractors to book jobs at the right time, and produce schedules for maximum efficiency.

On top of automating all of these operations, GPS-backed construction management software also offers dispatch solutions and allows employees to send out jobs to the nearest technician. It is an excellent tool to improve productivity and enjoy seamless on-site progress.

Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of investing in construction software is its ability to track your finances and conduct thorough monetary analysis. This software allows you to keep a close eye on what you spend on different project parts. It also lets you produce estimated budgets for clients and compare them to the actual amount spent on the project.

Even more importantly, construction software is built to record all financial decisions and offer quick data retrieval. You can use them to eliminate any inefficiency that could be increasing your expenditure and plan out for upcoming expenses more proactively.

Resource and Job Scheduling

Job scheduling is often referred to as workload automation in the construction industry. It is a key feature of any effective construction software as it automatically schedules tasks in the most efficient order as per the data given.

This software will allocate any required equipment and employ skilled workers in the appropriate locations through resource and job scheduling. It also works to balance your on-site workload across multiple projects and responds quickly to any downtime or challenges for minimal loss. To develop quick solutions, you can use this feature to create realistic project timelines for clients and predict any critical inter-dependencies of labor or equipment.

Construction Estimating Software: Reporting Project Progress

In the end, this software often gives you highly optimized project reporting. It allows managers to have complete control over the project while also procuring masterful insights for further improvement. Your software will produce regular project analytics, summarize data and create numerous reports to help you make the right decisions.

Furthermore, construction software also allows exporting to third-party software. You can schedule report delivery to different business departments and translate it in an easy-to-understand format for all employees.

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