The 2 Best Ways To Sell Your Crafts That Aren’t Etsy

Written By Alla Levin
November 04, 2021
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The 2 Best Ways To Sell Your Crafts That Aren’t Etsy

It is easier than ever these days to sell your handmade creations and actually make a living at them. Many people are turning their passion into a business and having a lot of success. It is so easy to start an online business that allows you to sell your art or crafts to a large audience that loves what you do. Armed with sewing machines, paintbrushes, and sculpting clay, many creatives are making a living with their creativity.

About everybody decides to go to Etsy to sell their creations. And it is an excellent idea as millions of people are shopping there and looking for unique handmade items. However, the competition is very high, and it is not easy to get seen when you are new.

In this article, we will go over several ways to make a living selling your arts and crafts while avoiding Etsy.

Your own website

Selling on Etsy will have you paying a lot of fees. And in many cases will also require paying some money in advertising to get your product seen. When you have your own website, you will keep a lot of that money in your own pocket instead of handing it over to Etsy.

Creating a website is very easy and can take just a few hours to set up and customize. There are even plugins that will allow you to accept credit card payments without needing to know how to do any coding or be technically savvy at all.

Getting traffic to your website is the hard part, but when you understand SEO, you will get visitors looking for your creations. Using social media to gain a following is also a good way to rely on Google for traffic. With enough people coming to your site, you can sell quite a bit and make a good living.

The best part is that all of that is free. The only fees you will pay are hosting the website and the transaction fees for the payment processor.

Facebook storeFacebook store

Social media is a great way to build your business from the ground up. Finding your ideal audience is easier than ever, thanks to how the algorithms work. Many people love to use Facebook to connect with people who like the same things that they do.

This is the ideal area to build your business following. The best part is that Facebook now has a store feature so that you can sell your creations right there on Facebook. Of all of the social media platforms, it is the most social that allows you to really connect with people in a way that Pinterest and Instagram really fail to deliver.

Facebook ads are also really inexpensive, so they won’t break the bank when you need to boost your presence there. Unfortunately, the algorithm only helps so much, so ads are necessary to ensure that you get seen.

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