Strategies for Coping with Life-Changing Events

Written By Alla Levin
November 22, 2021

Strategies for Coping with Life-Changing Events

There are many coping mechanisms that exist to help us through those nasty life-changing events. Pretty much everyone will have to deal with a negative life-changing event at some point in their lives, and when they happen, it is better to have some coping strategies in mind to help get you through.

Unfortunately, things do not stay the same. We get older, technology advances, things that once worked are no longer suitable. We all have to change. However, when changes are thrust upon us at a moment’s notice, it can be difficult to mitigate the storm. To help you cope with these changes, though, here are some tips and tricks:


You are far better off acknowledging that the event has occurred than fighting the change. This is clearly easier said than done, and denial can be a very powerful emotion, especially if the event is a particularly emotive event like your souse has left you for someone else.

Begging will get you nowhere. You need to develop an acceptance philosophy, and from there, you will be far better at dealing with the change. Things change all the time, and to help you cope, you need a mental strategy that allows you to move on. So acknowledge what is happened, accept it, and begin moving forward. 

Your Finances

One of the major factors in life that cause stress is financial ones. If you are in debt then you will be coping what a lot of stress before an unexpected event occurs. In order to better deal with a life-changing event, you need to be in a secure financial position. So, be honest with yourself. Are you spending too much? Are you living within your means?

Is it time you got help from a financial planner to help you navigate those piling debts? The last thing anyone should do in any position is to ignore their financial burdens. These this will only drag you down further and quicker when something drastic occurs. So, begin saving for an emergency fund now and when that life-changing event happens, you will have some money and this will buy you time. 

Stay Healthy

In order to deal with the stress of a life-changing event, it is important that you stay healthy. Clearly, if you have a health condition or have been in an accident, it may be difficult to exercise, but you can always control what you eat. Ideally, you need to eat a healthy diet., avoid fatty foods and sugary treats and drinks. Drink a lot of water, so you and your brain remain hydrated and your organs are working optimally.

Additionally, if you can exercise, this is a must. Exercise reduces stress and ensures that you have more energy. It also helps you remove toxins from your body, and many of your best ideas may come during a spurt of physical activity. If you need to go through a lawsuit or a messy divorce, the more energy and the clearer you can think, the better. 

Get Help

There is no need to suffer alone. It is actually a sign of strength to acknowledge that you need help and that you are struggling. There are plenty of places you can go to seek help and advice. Perhaps there is a local group in the community or counselor. Maybe just the ear of a supportive and understanding friend or family member is enough. Perhaps you need more technical or professional support, like talking to insurance claim attorneys.

Sometimes the bureaucracy and the paperwork can be an absolute nightmare, and seeking professional help is the wisest course of action. Besides, if you are already stressed out, there is no point in bundling more and more stress on your own shoulders when you can share the load and possibly have a much better outcome as a result.

Think Positively

Even though the worse has happened, that does not mean that there are no positives. Once you have gotten over the initial hurdle, try and refocus your mindset. Yes, it is very easy to think about what and who you have lost, but what have you gained. The first thing you have gained really is a new insight into whatever the life-changing event was.

If it was a bereavement, you will have changed emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps you are now are a more sympathetic person, with a deeper insight into something. Is there any way you can use your new knowledge to help other people? Could you start a vlog or a blog that helps people dealing with a similar circumstance? Also, have you met any people during this time that have helped you? Perhaps you now have a better and more positive outlook on the kindness of other human beings.

Maybe you can use the loss to drive you forward in other areas. Maybe you always wanted to study something or do that marathon. Be as creative as possible when you think about ways this can enhance your life. No matter how difficult it may seem, there is always some good that can be gotten out of out fit. 

Create a New Life

Yes, your life has changed, and if you want to have a bright future, you need to focus on creating one. If you can develop a positive mindset, you will find this a whole lot easier. The first is to do is not to compare your old life to your new life. If you have suffered financially and have had to downsize, there is no point in doing this as this will clearly bring you down.

Instead, look at how you can rebuild and find meaning in other areas. Perhaps you will be able to develop a better sense of community spirit and get involved in things that never occurred to you before. Start working towards some of the things that you have identified by thinking positively. Having a focus and being driven to achieve will help you succeed in your new life. Remember you are not dead yet. Life can be great no matter what opposition you are in. 

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