The Growing Importance of Application and Software Security Programs

Written By Alla Levin
November 22, 2021

The Growing Importance of Application and Software Security Programs

Cyber attacks are happening all the time. You probably get daily phishing emails, plus there are data-mining schemes on social media and any number of ways that hackers and criminals are looking to access your data. If your business has an application that can be a source of vulnerability. Applications have never been more common for companies, and they will only grow. 

Your business applications must be kept secure throughout their entire life cycle, from development to implementation to ongoing maintenance. Otherwise, hackers can exploit any weaknesses, and they will be able to take any sensitive data you might have on your app. 

Software Security Programs: Development

An astounding 75% of cyber attacks happen on web applications, and 93% of web apps have vulnerabilities. That means that when apps are released into the market, they are not secure and set organizations up for data breaches and attacks. 

It all starts in the application development phase. This is when weaknesses and vulnerabilities first appear, but many developers don’t notice or consider them. Application security like OxEye and Security solutions such as Apiiro can help identify and repair these vulnerabilities during development. That way, an app with vulnerabilities already baked in isn’t introduced into the marketplace. 

Any App Can Be Vulnerablesoftware security programs

Any application that you use for your organization can be vulnerable. If customers or other users have to sign in, there is weak data available to be mined by criminals. Financial data, health data, password data, credit card information, and identification data can all be used for various illegal means. You cannot leave yourself, your business, clients, or your staff vulnerable. 

Data Breaches Can Be Devastating

If a company is the victim of a data breach, there are many possible consequences, and all of them are negative. For one, client and staff data could be used for identity theft and other fraudulent schemes. Those individuals could then hold your company liable and bring legal action against you to recover any losses they’ve had. 

Not just that, but having a data breach will bring severe reputational harm to your company. Even if nothing negative happens, if word gets out to the public, you will have many potential and current customers who won’t want to do business with you. Cyber security is a concern for everyone, and if you are seen as vulnerable, it can be a death knell.  

The other risk is losing valuable data that you need to run your business correctly. Many cyber attacks result in ransomware schemes where hackers hold your data hostage. If you have not correctly backed up your data, you could end up losing it forever, leading to productivity issues and delays. 

App Security Should be Ongoing

If you have an app developed for your organization, you might think that the security process ends once the app is delivered to you. This is very much incorrect and dangerous thinking. You need to constantly monitor any apps for vulnerabilities since scammers will change their tactics and find them.

Using software security programs, you can scan your apps regularly and get reports regarding any possible security issues. This will leave your IT or security team with more time to ensure that you are compliant with any local laws or regulations. Or, if you do not have an IT team or service, it will allow you more time to build your business or do other essential tasks. 

Web applications are more critical than ever in a crowded marketplace. They provide convenience for clients and organizations that need an easy way to connect with them. However, they are vulnerable, and application security programs can help make them secure from the development phase through regular maintenance. 

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