The Reasons Why Accidents Involving Trucks Are So Common

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2021

The Reasons Why Accidents Involving Trucks Are So Common

Unfortunately, accidents on the road are still common for various reasons, and surprisingly trucks have to do a lot with it. Apart from the fact that they are large and can carry a lot of weight – another safety hazard on the road, there are a lot of elements that contribute to truck accidents on the road. Here are some reasons why they are so common!


Speeding is a big reason why there are so many accidents on the road, but it can get even more dangerous if trucks are involved. Trucks can go pretty fast, just as fast as some cars, but the added factor is the weight that the truck carries.

Trucks are hard to control, to begin with, so that alone is already a problem; speeding, it’s a recipe for disaster. Drivers can lose control of their trucks and, in most cases, won’t be able to hit the brakes in time, causing a lot of damage on the road. 

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is probably the worst thing you can do on the road, putting yourself and others at risk. In these cases, the truck can be hazardous and a powerful force on the road. As a  truck accident lawyer in Denver explains, trucks cause a lot of panic on the roads throughout all the states.

And it’s totally normal to fear trucks on the road, especially those who are speeding and not following the road protocols. This together can create a lot of damage, so truck drivers need to keep a good distance from other vehicles and drive carefully! 

Loss of concentrationaccidents involving trucks

Truck drivers usually have to drive for long periods of time, leading to loss of concentration, even inexperienced drivers!

So falling asleep is common for people who drive for a couple of hours without stopping, especially at night! This is easily preventable by getting enough sleep the night prior or drinking coffee for better concentration!

Bad weather

Trucks are an essential vehicle for transporting goods, no matter what part of the world and time of the year! But with that being said, weather conditions can impact the road a lot, causing a bit of a problem for trucks to transit normally.

Snowy and icy roads are hazardous for trucks, as they are more likely to lose control over large vehicles! That’s why driving slowly or even not driving at all during extreme weather is recommended! 

Bad roads

Sometimes, roads can have bumps and holes, or even bad construction in general, leading to accidents. Trucks have large tires, but that doesn’t stop the whole vehicle from losing balance and potentially flipping over.

Checking the road ahead is a must, and every truck driver should be aware of the possible dangers and obstacles ahead of him! Being able to slow down or drive past a damaged road is welcomed; it’s always best to be safe than sorry! 

Vehicle malfunction

Just like with any other vehicle, malfunctions do happen from time to time. It’s essential to get regular checkups and to ensure that the truck is in top shape.

Good working breaks are essential for safe driving and can prevent potential accidents from happening – the worst thing that can happen is to have your brakes not working during a crucial moment! Also, it’s important to check if the head of the truck is well connected with its body! 

Too much to carry

All trucks have certain limits that they are allowed to carry, but sometimes those limits are passed.

This can cause more trouble than you can imagine, starting with increasing the chances of vehicle malfunctioning. It slows down the truck, causing the engine to overheat itself. On top of that, it makes driving more difficult.

Driving a truck is already hard and comes with its own disadvantages; it can only make things harder to control when you add even more weight to it! 

Bad lighting

During winter, it gets dark pretty fast, which can be a problem for truck drivers worldwide. Lighting is crucial for safe driving on the road – when the vision is limited, it can be difficult to drive safely! This, combined with speeding and unexpected construction on the road, can increase the chances of getting into an accident! 

At the end of the day, so many elements go into accidents on the road, both caused by the nature of trucks and external factors. The important thing is to follow the safety precautions and to strive to drive safely!  

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