What Are Some Great Fiction Novel Series to Read?

Written By Alla Levin
November 26, 2021

What Are Some Great Fiction Novel Series to Read?

Fiction novels are a staple of reading. Some of the most well-known fiction novels from authors such as J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Rick Riordan are almost synonymous with their genres nowadays. When most people read a book, they probably think about a fiction novel. When anyone thinks of reading anything, their first thought is perhaps of some story.

This is simply because reading books about fake worlds, and engaging stories are entertaining. People like to envelop themselves in a distant wondrous world and forget about the aches and pains of reality for a while.

Or, they love the mystery or drama of it. What’s going to happen!? How will the character get out of this or that predicament? Or whatever other exciting thing you could think of in a book.

Maybe it’s romance, and you like to see how characters’ relationships develop and they grow to love each other. Or perhaps you enjoy reading about romantic things that are a bit more… spicy.

But either way, the point is that most people know their way around fiction novels. Even if you find someone who doesn’t like to read, I’m almost sure they will have one book that they enjoyed, and that is “their” book.

It’s like how one person might say “his” online casino is FairGo casino login. Sure, there might be other online casinos, but this one is the best one for him. That is the one he keeps coming back to.

But, let’s say you want to get into reading but aren’t sure what to read. You’ve probably heard some of the big names but aren’t sure what you should dip your toes into. So, without further ado, here are some of my recommendations for fiction novels you should read.

Fair warning, there might be some minor spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the books, it is best to proceed with care.

Harry PotterHarry Potter

Harry Potter is, at this point, a classic. It essentially made the modern genre of young adult novels today. J. K. Rowling found a hole in the book world and filled it with the wonders of the wizarding world.

For those of you who don’t know, Harry Potter is, obviously, a book about a young boy named Harry Potter. At 11, he finds out he is a wizard and gets brought to Hogwarts to learn magic.

Throughout this seven-book series, you will follow Harry and his friends as they go on enchanting adventures through this magical world. They will meet friends and foes alike and ultimately see if they can save the world.

Now, if you have read many books, this will seem like a familiar storyline. Young kid finds out he is special, learns about being memorable, becomes more special, saves the world.

And, to that end, you would not be wrong. However, to the best of my knowledge, J. K. Rowling was the first if not one of the first to be so successful with this story format.

Now, of course, “chosen one” stories have been around since literally the dawn of humanity. So, I am not going to pretend like J. K. Rowling invented a new genre. However, I would be willing to say she revolutionized it.

Harry Potter opened the world of book reading for young people. It was an interesting story that was written in a way that was nice to read and felt inviting for people just starting to get into novels!

Put on top of that an interesting world with fleshed-out characters and you have a story that has lasted decades without dipping in popularity. And, of course, it brought people who were interested in this style of a story she had made.

Rick RiordanWhat Are Some Great Fiction Novel Series to Read

Rick Riordan has grown to be the other side of the coin of young adult novels. Whenever anyone thinks of young adult novels, they are almost certain to consider of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

This is for a good reason. They both have a lot of similarities if you break it down to a purely technical level. However, the stories are well-written enough with enough differences to stand on their own feet without feeling like a cheap knockoff.

For instance, Percy Jackson fits more into the modern world as we see it now. The characters in the book are still a part of the regular world, whereas, in Harry Potter, there is much more of a separation between the magical and mundane worlds.

Rick Riordan also singlehandedly brought knowledge about ancient greek and roman mythology to young people. Topics once thought of as dull topics for college electives now excited young people in this new world.

Or, with some of his other book series, he brought knowledge about ancient Egyptian or Norse mythology. And this is one of the things I find beautiful about his books. It took topics that may have been boring for kids and made them exciting.

You could probably ask an average kid in middle school a bit of Greek mythology, and they would know things! And that is what a good author does. They make learning something fun and exciting, and most importantly, something you don’t know you are doing.

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