10 Tips for Effective Home Management

Written By Alla Levin
December 02, 2021
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10 Tips for Effective Home Management

Homeownership is great! It’s one of those life goals that so many adults aspire to, and when you do finally get the keys to your beautiful new home, you feel on top of the world!

Soon, though, that feeling of elation turns to terror when you realize that all of the decorating, cleaning, and maintenance are now down to you. You haven’t got a landlord (or your mom and dad) to rely on, and it’s your home and your responsibility.

Welcome To Responsibility

This shouldn’t be a daunting task, though, and you’ve been managing yourself and your own space for many years now; it’s time to take it to the big time and effectively manage your home!

This article will look at ten home management tips that every new homeowner will need to know to keep their home running smoothly and in good repair.

Budgeting for MaintenanceBudgeting for Maintenance

The first thing you need to do is budget for all of the costs of managing your home. This will include maintenance for items like heating repairs, repairing holes in the roof, gutter cleaning, new windows, new appliances, and so on, as well as any utility bills.

Keeping a savings account for housekeeping is a good idea; always put in slightly more than your monthly bills and food budget to ensure there is enough buffer should you need to invest in costly repairs.

Utility Bills

Now that you’ve budgeted, it’s time to start budgeting for utility bills. If you’re lucky, there’ll be a market where all utility companies compete for customers and offer the cheapest deals but are prepared for higher costs (especially if you live in an isolated or rural area).

Now is also an excellent time to look into renewable energy options. Energy costs can be a sizeable chunk of your monthly household budget, and switching to solar power will reduce those costs substantially and help out the environment.

Make The Most Out Of What You Buy laundry detergent

“Buy cheap, buy twice!”. That’s the phrase you’ll often hear, and while it’s not always true, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and hassle if you buy the best quality possible for the price.

This goes for all kinds of things, from your home appliances to your laundry detergent, your car, to your clothes. Invest in quality, but ensure you always use what you buy correctly and to the very best of your abilities.

DIY Maintenance

If you’re handy with tools and you’re not afraid of getting dirty, some jobs around the house are ideal for DIY. Fixing a leaky faucet or fixing a broken toilet is pretty simple and can be easily picked up from a DIY guide. Fixing a leaky roof is a whole other thing, though, and you should leave that to the professionals as it is not something you should tackle alone.

Use Home Maintenance Services

Get yourself a local handyman who will be able to do minor repairs, renovations, and home maintenance for you at a reasonable price. Find someone who gets back to you quickly with quotes for big and small jobs; you’ll want them on speed dial! Most handypersons also offer emergency services to drop by on short notice to make repairs.

Planning Your Repairs and RenovationsPlanning Your Repairs and Renovations

Planning is everything when it comes to home maintenance; the last thing you want is to get all of the ways through renovating your kitchen or redecorating your bedroom only for another problem to crop up that requires urgent attention (for example, the roof caving in).

Please make a list of all of the different things you want to work on, and set some time aside once a month to make some progress on them. You’ll not only make progress but also feel good about yourself doing so.

Have A Home Emergency Disaster Plan In Place

It would be best if you had a home disaster plan. Plain and simple. In case of emergency, have a fireproof safe with your passports and cash in it if you have to evacuate your home quickly. In case of flood, ensure you know where all of your valuables are kept and have a plan to get them out of the house safely.

Home Management: Ensure Your HVAC Unit Is Fixed

The heat and air conditioning units in your home (if you have one) will be an essential part of your home’s upkeep. Having a regular check-up to ensure the system is running well and not damaged can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Reduce Light Pollution In The House

Light pollution is caused by any light source such as light bulbs or even car headlights being too bright. If you have a problem with light being too bright in any room, consider having a few small lights around the room instead of a single significant light source, so it doesn’t shine through to other areas.

You may also want to consider investing in wifi lightbulbs, these can be triggered on and off using motion sensors, and they can also be dimmed easily without needing to fit an additional dimmer switch.

Home Management: Clean Your Closets!Proper Maintenance of Home Ownership Costs You Less In The Long-run

Cleaning your closets is an essential part of maintaining your home, but it’s something that few people do. Doing this regularly will help keep the dust levels down in your home, keep the temperature down, and avoid getting sick. The benefits of cleaning closets are many!

Proper Maintenance of Home Ownership Costs You Less In The Long-run

Every homeowner will find themselves dealing with some form of maintenance at some point in their home’s lifetime. Plumbing repairs, roof repairs, gutter capping, window replacements… the list goes on and on.

These things may seem small now but save on future services and needlessly expensive replacements down the road by doing proper maintenance when it’s needed.

Keeping up with preventive maintenance is a huge part of keeping your house in good condition, but it is often neglected. If you follow the tips above, you are sure to make great strides in reducing your long-term expenses!

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