How to use Warm Colors to Help You Slumber Sweetly

Written By Alla Levin
August 21, 2019

Bedroom Styling 101: How to use Warm Colours like Southwest color palette to Help Slumber Sweetly

What Are Warm Colours?

On the color wheel, warm colors are hues of red, orange, and yellow, or a combination of all three. Warm colors in a bedroom can make the room feel cozy. Warm colors in the bedroom should be light or pale hues of the main colors.

For example, yellow is pale enough to be a part of the warm color family, as is a muted brown, tan, vanilla, or gold. This warm color palette help to bring balance into the bedroom through rugs, curtains, accessories, and varied fabric furnishings. Let’s look at several creative bedroom decor ideas using warm colors like the southwest color palette that is considered Interior Design Trends 2020.

Southwest Color Palette: Rustic

When you decorate your bedroom with warm, cozy, nostalgic decorative items, you help to make this room your resting and sleeping haven. For that rustic look and feel, use a large patchwork quilt to make up your bed with orange and cranberry coloring.

On top of the quilt, add plain colorful pillows. These warm colors are one of the best warm furnishing tools to create a snuggly feel. Infuse your bedroom with gold and vanilla sheer curtains.

A rustic bedside table, a rocking chair with colorful pillows depicting each color in the quilt, plus a touch of other colors, bring a soft hue to the room. A few rustic accessories can tie the room together for a bedroom where it will be hard to leave the bed. While victims of bed kickers might yearn for a large bed, queen mattresses and bed frames could be an improved work.

Avoid overcrowding a room. Though space may be massive enough for a large bed, the chance to usher in alternative style elements could be neglected if the bed is simply too huge. Make sure what style of mattress to buy with the color theme suggested like these, for ultimate comfort & style.

Northern Coastal Bedroom Themesouthern styles bedroom

Coral is a warm orangish color that gives a bedroom a vibrancy feel. Coral is a fusion of energy with orange and the softness of a pink hue. A bedspread of pink or red is a great addition to a coral bedroom theme. To further accent the room, use two or three small throw pillows on the bed in colors that accept the coral color. Gold or a brownish tan is a warm color that highlights coral designs. A coral-colored chair with matching drapes would bring the room together.

Southwest Palette Colors Southwest Palette Colors 

Authentic southwestern colors in your bedroom denote warmth. Using yellow, orange, and red coloring, highlighted with turquoise, sage green, browns, violet, and beige represents a restful and decorative décor.

Southwestern palette colors depict Mother Nature with colorful symbols of the sky and landscapes. Southwestern colors were chosen by the Spaniards, who believed that they would warn off evil spirits.

Use fabrics with these colors around the bedroom in the decorative style of bedspreads with matching window fabrics. Patterned rugs, mosaic wall decorations, and large wall murals provide the perfect southwestern accent.

In keeping with the natural southwest color palette theme, you can incorporate leather or suede, natural jute or linen fabrics in the form of rugs, wall accent pieces, tables, and knick-knacks.

SouthernNorthern Coastal Bedroom Theme

Play up your bedroom features with warm, appealing colors of vanilla, red, brown or gold, orange and yellow. A bedroom that embraces this color palette gives you an intimate feeling and evokes a restful tone. Decorating your bedroom in a southern style gives you options.

There are different southern styles that include country, rustic, vintage, European, eclectic, and contemporary. In addition to the warm colors such as charming palette, hues generally include cranberry, cream, tan, red, and orange.

The complimentary décor is glass, ceramic, varied wood pieces, pewter, copper, and more. Decorating outside the box in a southern style gives your bedroom an elegant and historic style.

EuropeanEuropean style

A European style gives your bedroom a sophisticated and fresh appeal. Whether it is a Tuscan or Scandinavian design features your décor should use simple uncomplicated ornate lines.

The coloring that best represents European flair is generally terracotta brown, green hues, crimson, and a fusion of other warm colours. A roomful of light fixtures brings your bedroom space together and provides a peaceful atmosphere.

When you apply vintage or distressed accessories, this gives your bedroom depth and historical beauty of Europe in Southwest Color Palette. Check our great tips on how to make a Gallery Wall in your bedroom on a Budget.

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