Investing in a Multi-Store POS System
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Features to Consider When Investing in a Multi-Store POS System

A retail merchant must make sure their multi-store POS system can easily track sales and inventory in each store. Many POS systems such as can be programmed to track sales for a single store or multiple stores, so it’s essential to know the features before purchasing the system.

It is also strongly recommended to gain advice from experienced providers of POS systems like  and rely on their expertise to integrate with existing systems. Read on to know some of the features to consider.

Sales Tracking

For a system to be helpful, each store’s sales must be tracked and managed separately. The system should automatically separate cash, checks, and credit card receipts by store.

Also, it should keep track of what was sold and how much inventory is left in each location. The system should allow cashiers to link transactions to specific stores.

Easy to UseMulti-Store POS System

The POS system should be easy to learn and operate for the employees. The software interface must be simple with an intuitive design since mistakes can result in incorrect purchases or management of inventory. It is also important that the data entered into the system is transferable between stores, i.e., if a new employee is hired, they can quickly learn to use the same system.

Provides Customised Reports

The multi-store POS software must generate valuable reports for each store, letting them know how their stores are doing. In addition to tracking sales and inventory, it’s also essential to have detailed information on what influenced a sale, such as a sale flyer or an ad. Rich dashboards with means to track KPIs are also beneficial.

Search Function

The search feature is ideal for when information needs to be located quickly, usually with a keyboard shortcut or by typing in the first few letters of the product. This saves time searching through pages and pages of products, especially if about 5,000 items are tracked at once.

Cloud-Based System

A cloud-based system, in which data is stored in the cloud, can be accessed anywhere without installing additional software. This works well when you access the system while out in the field or away from your office. It also ensures that even if one person loses their computer or there’s a hardware failure, all information is saved and can be accessed from anywhere.

This feature of the multi-store POS system facilitates communication between stores and allows for remote access to data from all devices connected to the store’s network.

Inventory Management

A POS system must keep track of what products are in which store and automatically transfer inventory between stores as necessary. This feature will help control product mix between stores, maximize sales and avoid waste. It also allows for better storage space management since items can be delivered to the stores as they run out rather than being stored in a central location.

Mobile Functionality

A multi-store POS system must support mobile devices to allow employees to make sales while away from the store or on the go. The software should give managers access to information about their stores, tracking sales and inventory while working on other tasks.

With tracking software, inventory management, and reporting features, multi-store POS systems offer the advantages of centralized management. The data is accessible from any computer connected to the internet, letting store managers make necessary changes to maximize profit and minimize waste at their stores.

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