5 Essential Things To Do After A Boat Accident

Written By Alla Levin
December 01, 2021
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5 Essential Things To Do After A Boat Accident

Cruising on a boat alongside Miami’s most beautiful beaches feels like paradise. Sadly, as much as it is exhilarating, the different regions of Miami face a lot of boat accidents. You would be shocked to know that the total property damage in boat accidents in Miami was worth more than $3,063,372 in 2020.

That is why if you face any boat accident, it is best to hire a Miami boating accident lawyer to represent you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Though you can hire legal help later, many individuals are unaware of what they need to do during any such accident. If you are one of them, here are five essential things you need to do in case of a boat accident.

Ensure all the passengers are safe

Boat accidents can be lethal, especially when large boats are involved in them. The impact of the accident often throws the people overboard and who may incur severe injuries or drowning. That is why the first step should be to check whether everyone, including you, is safe or not.

Ensure everyone is wearing a life jacket, especially when the boat looks damaged enough not to start. Inquire whether anyone needs immediate medical assistance and plan your actions accordingly.

Ask for help things to do after a boat accident

Almost every boat has a VHF radio. If your boat has one, tune channel 16 to make a distress call. If you are near the coast and have cell reception, then call 911 and ask for help. That way, you will get the attention of any coastal safety, such as coast guards or local fire or marine department.

Radio calls are beneficial in case of boat accidents because they allow the distress call to be heard by all of the nearby boats. So if any help from the coast takes time, people on the nearby ships can help you.

Collect information

Once you know that everyone is okay and may not require immediate medical help, try to collect information and evidence about the accident and the people involved. Here is some of the information you can gather:

  • Contact details and addresses of the boat operators and passengers involved in the boat accident
  • Contact details and addresses of any eyewitnesses
  • Registration number of the boat/s involved in the crash
  • Insurance details of the people and vehicles involved in the accident

Seek legal help

Apart from the risk of life, boat accidents incur a lot of damage to the property. If you are sure that it was not your mistake and the accident happened due to someone else’s negligence, you should be compensated for your damages.

If the accident occurred nearby any region of Miami, it is best to hire a Miami boating accident lawyer to maximize the chances of fair compensation or settlement.

Report to your insurance company

If you operated or owned any boat involved in the accident, make sure you report to your insurance company about the incident. Report as much information as you can, including pictures of the accidents and the damage to the vessel. Make sure to follow up on the insurance process regularly.

Boat accidents can cause significant damage to lives and property. That is why it’s essential to follow the safety guidelines while onboard. That will ensure you won’t face any accidents on the waters.

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