Different Paving Materials and Designs for Your Commercial Property

Written By Alla Levin
December 06, 2021

Different Paving Materials and Designs for Your Commercial Property

The types of paving used for the surface of a road or parking lot are essential for making things comfortable. It helps in preventing damage to the surface and in giving an aesthetic quality. Paving designs are essential for commercial properties like parking lots, roads, and even driveways.

The paving used will depend on several factors such as durability, cost, availability, etc. Different types of paving may also have different effects on vehicles that use the surface. For example, asphalt will deteriorate faster due to the tire’s constant pressure when it comes in contact with traffic. A reliable commercial paving contractor can help you choose the right material.


Asphalt is a common paving type used in most roads around the world. It is readily available and costs less compared to other types of paving materials. It may also help in extending the life of concrete paving as you can place it on top.

The only drawback to using asphalt is that it does not last for a long time and will need routine maintenance to ensure its smoothness and effectiveness. It also requires regular filling up, which comes with additional costs.


Concrete paving is more durable than asphalt. It is ideal for parking lots, roads, and even driveways. This means that it will take longer before you need to do some maintenance work on it.

It also has a unique design that gives them the feel of quality at first glance. However, concrete paving may come at different prices depending on the type of design you want. The different types of designs require different materials to be used.

Bituminous Macadam

This paving mix is mainly used for driveways. It requires some preparation, but it does not need any maintenance after installation. All you have to do is sweep it off during winter to remove any fallen leaves or other debris.

Newer surfaces may, however, need some light repairs after the first few years of use. Again, this will require additional costs. A professional commercial paving contractor can help you install macadam.

Stone PavingStone Paving

Stone paving is a very durable type of paving, which makes it ideal for parking lots. They are also relatively easy to get hold of and look better than many other paving materials available in the market. These include concrete, asphalt, etc.

However, they cost more than most other common types like concrete or asphalt. This means that many property owners will not prefer them unless they need to use them for particular reasons.

Composite Paving

This is a paving material made by mixing asphalt with other materials to enhance its qualities. For example, you can mix it with recycled plastics to help it remain smooth for long periods. Mixing makes it lighter and more durable at the same time.

It requires some maintenance even though it is more durable than asphalt paving. It also requires skilled workers to install this paving to enhance its durability and quality.

Porous Asphalt Paving

This type of paving may be used to restrict water from flowing freely on the surface of roads or parking lots. This will help prevent flooding due to heavy rains or any other reasons. The porous asphalt paving is mainly used on commercial properties to prevent damage.

The paving used on commercial properties will depend on several factors, as discussed above. Besides, paving designs are also essential for commercial properties like parking lots, roads, and even driveways.

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